For the Love of Books

Books and I have a pretty great relationship. I’ve loved to read for as long as I remember. I have distinct memories of reading to my parents for homework during elementary school and my dad reading to me at night before going to bed. I’m from a family of readers. I find it hilarious when all four of us are home, watching tv, and we each have reading material (usually a book) for during the commercial breaks. I even have a Books category of posts here on the blog and a Books tab where I’ve chronicled the books I’ve read for the past several years.

The past two years I’ve had the simple goal to read in a book for fun every day. It could be a page or a whole book. It all counted. I’m happy to say I successfully completed this goal for the past two years. It’s a goal again for this year. One thing I have noticed is that while I’m reading every day, I’m not really pushing myself with what I’m reading. I find that it’s easier to re-read a favorite book or series rather than take the leap to read something new. That’s a big leap…because what if you don’t like what you picked?

So this year, I’m making some changes. While I was on vacation over the Christmas holiday, I stumbled upon the blog Modern Mrs. Darcy because of an Instagram post I saw about the “What Should I Read Next?” podcast, which is hosted by the author of this blog. Ah the black hole of the internet. 🙂 What I found was a great book blog and a podcast where people talk about books they love, books they hate, what they want their reading lives to be like, and recommendations for what they should read next. In just the couple of weeks I’ve been listening to the podcast and reading the blog, I’ve reignited my excitement for reading. Well, I don’t know if my excitement ever went away…maybe it’s just more pronounced.

With the start of 2017, I’m documenting that I’m reading every day and I’m also noting WHAT I’m reading every day. What’s missing from my completed book list is the fact I read books I don’t finish. I want to see if there are any patterns in the “didn’t finish” pile. I’m also doing a mini-book club with my sister. A couple summers ago we read Sense & Sensibility at pretty much the same time and fun with that. Now we’re starting Persuasion together. I’m also currently reading Rise of the Rocket Girls: The Women who Propelled Us, from Missiles to the Moon to Mars by Nathalia Holt. It’s a good one! What’s even better is that I have ideas for what I’ll read next.

Because let’s be honest, as a reader, the hardest question is, “What Should I Read Next?”


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