Type Class

Over the past 12 weeks I have whole-heartedly participated in a class by Ali Edwards called Type. Ali is pretty big in the memory keeping/scrapbooking world and I’ve been reading her blog for a couple years now. I love that the core of her work is always the story. Type was a brand new class with a focus on ways to get words onto our projects in different ways. I waffled for weeks about taking the class. The class was kinda pricey, but I knew from previous experiences with Ali’s educational content that it would be worth the money. The night before the class was to start, I pulled the trigger and signed up for the class. I’m so happy I did! For 12 weeks, I’ve watched my memory keeping methods evolve and my Photoshop skills grow. I just finished the last lesson tonight, so I’m sure in the next few days and weeks I’ll have more thoughts on this class.

Each of the 12 weeks had a theme. For each week there was a handout with a main content presentation. Ali also would have 2-4 process videos of her putting together layouts or showing how to do something in Photoshop. There was also a message board to communicate with other class members and Ali along with a gallery where we could share our projects based on the lessons. I loved seeing what other people came up with. As I mentioned before, Ali’s educational content is top-notch. I have learned so much throughout the class. The class was also great to focus on after a busy day at work. It’s such a different mode of thinking. However, I have noticed that I’m using things I learned in the class at work. How cool is that?

Below are my pieces I made based on the week’s lesson.

Wk 1: Type Basics. No layout this week. It was super content heavy on all of the basics of type.

Wk 2: Type in Neat Little Lines & Rows. This week was about longer journaling on a layout. I used this opportunity to make a layout about my trip to Baltimore I took in 2011. I used the content from this blog post on the layout.

Deciding to Be More

Wk 3: Type Marriages. Pairing together different styles of font. I made a layout about my trip to Grant-Kohrs National Historic Site in Montana for this lesson. The page already had the Serif style font of “Grant-Kohrs” and I paired it with a wood chip piece with script.

Type Marriage GKNHS

Wk 4: Type vs. Type. This week was all about contrast. I used different styles of letters to spell out “North Dakota.”

Type vs Type ND

Wk 5 & Wk 6: Type Play. We had 2 weeks of different ways of how to “play” with type. I have 2 examples where I used letter stickers to repeat a word over and over again. Very fun way to use up some of that letter sticker stash I have.

Type Play MT

Type Play Travel

Wk 7: Type Stacks. This week was all about words stacked on top of one another. I don’t have a layout to show. However, this is a lesson I’ve used at work. I created type stacks for a new graphic representation of our career development plan. I went out on a limb & was super happy that my boss liked it so much.

Wk 8: Dear Type, I’m Over You. This was all about type over type or type in shapes. I used the idea as I was putting together the date card for a Project Life layout.

Over type June PL

Wk 9: Type by Hand. Yes! Using our own handwriting. I will often just use my own handwriting when I’m journaling on a layout. For this week, I had fun with a brush marker and wrote out “June” many times on a 4×6 card for a Project Life layout.

Type by Hand June PL

Wk 10: Type on Photos. Learned how to put fun type on photos in Photoshop. I used the word “weekend” from the digital download for the week.

Weekend photo type class

Wk 11: Type as Art. Making type artsy. I had a little fun in Photoshop with putting my name on a 4×6 card. I then added some word/phrase stickers to describe myself.

Type as Art PL Card

Wk 12: Type Story. This week was all about putting it together. I haven’t made a specific layout for the week yet. I’m looking forward to using all the lessons I’ve learned in Type for my future memory keeping projects.


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