5 Years of Blogging

Happy Birthday to my blog! I claimed my little corner of the internet 5 years ago today because I wanted to share my summer adventure of interning at EOU in Oregon. Since this birthday was a major milestone for the blog, I took some time to reflect about whole experience.

Columbia River Gorge

What I’ve learned by blogging the past 5 years:

  • Having a space to process and share my experiences (both work and non-work related) has helped me to actually take the time to do that processing.
  • The community of bloggers is huge. So huge, that there are many communities. I’ve met some really cool people and been introduced to so many new ideas
  • Honing my blogging skills on my own blog first, helped me to have the confidence to introduce the idea of starting a blog at my office. We’ve now had the blog going for two years! It’s given so many of the students who work for us, the space to share their stories and hone their voices. I have felt so proud to help guide them through the whole process of writing for a blog.
  • I like having a space to call my own.
  • Having the blog helps with other documentation. I’m still working on scrapbooking my Summer 2010 experience in Oregon (the adventure that started this whole blogging business). Those books are so rich with detail about my experiences because I’m able to print off the blog posts I wrote while I was in Oregon. There’s no way I’d be able to include that same level of detail if I was trying to recall those details now, 5 years later.

Canal Park Sunrise

5 Favorite Blogs to Read (I have many more blogs in my reader. These are at the top of my to-read list everyday.)

Ultimately, I just want to say thank you for reading. I know that I haven’t had all that many blog posts over the past year or so, so thanks for sticking around. Here’s to many more years of giving my story a voice and having a place to share it.


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