Summer Road Trip – Universities

Wow, this summer has just flown by! I’ve spent most of my time working (so many fun projects) and crafting, reading, and Netflix binging during my free time. In July, I went on vacation for 2 glorious weeks. I visited family and friends while roadtripping out to see my dear friend Kristen who lives in northeastern Ohio. I had great weather and great driving the whole time. My favorite accomplishment of the whole trip (and I think it earned admiration from many people) – not checking my work email the ENTIRE time I was out of the office. Talk about awesome.

Anyway, one of the accidental themes of my trip was Universities. I visited 5 of them. Yes, 5. I love checking out other campuses, walking around and taking photos. It’s rather relaxing. I visited St. Mary’s University and University of Notre Dame both in South Bend, IN, along with Kent State University, Baldwin-Wallace University (both in NE Ohio), and University of Wisconsin-Madison.

As I was planning my trip, I purposefully scheduled a night to stay in South Bend, Indiana. It was a half-way point in my driving (Madison, WI-Akronish, OH) and it’s the home to the University of Notre Dame. Once I booked my hotel, I realized it was on the campus of St. Mary’s University – Notre Dame’s sister school. I walked around both university campuses and took so many photos. I had lovely weather, so I just soaked up the atmosphere at both places. Both universities are Catholic and I enjoyed seeing how the religious imagery was incorporated around campus.

St Mary's 1

St Mary’s University

St Mary's University

St Mary’s University

Notre Dame 1

Fighting Irish

Library at University of Notre Dame

Library at University of Notre Dame

Administration building at University of Notre Dame

Administration building at University of Notre Dame

Once I made it to Kristen’s she showed me around Kent State University, where she went to grad school and now works. Another beautiful campus. We also walked around the May 4th Memorial and I learned how such a painful part of the campus’s history is used and talked about to this day.

Kent State University

Kent State University

May 4th Memorial at Kent State

Part of the May 4th Memorial at Kent State

Later in my visit with Kristen, she took me around Baldwin-Wallace University near Cleveland where she did a stint as an intern during grad school. No great pictures from that visit because it was raining and we just drove through the campus.

The last campus I visited was UW-Madison. I met up with some friends on The Terrace of Memorial Union for a mini-ACPA reunion. It was nice to catch up with them. I also just enjoyed the summer weather, sitting by the lake, and walking around campus. I forgot how much I love the atmosphere of that campus. I worked at UW for a year during my grad school internship, but I didn’t totally get to enjoy working there. I was so busy with doing stuff for my internship (plus working another job, living a decent commute away, and finishing up grad school), that I didn’t really take advantage of being at UW. If I were ever to take the plunge back into working at a Division 1, Research institution, UW might be the place to do it. However, I have no plans on doing that anytime soon.



The Terrace & Lake Mendota at UW-Madison

The Terrace & Lake Mendota at UW-Madison

Overall, I loved this portion of my trip. My campuses visited list is now up to 24!

Announcements – Just want to wish a few fellow bloggers congratulations!

  • Laura started a new blogging venture called A Two Dog Life. Loving it already!
  • Stephanie welcomed a bundle of joy named George into the world.

One thought on “Summer Road Trip – Universities

  1. Stephanie says:

    I love visiting other universities. I drag Tom along for tours whenever we travel anywhere. It is so interesting to me to see how other institutions do things and what influences their campuses. And thanks for the shout out!

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