Joy of Coffee Meetings

I heart coffee meetings. I really don’t know when this started. It maybe could have been having homework sessions at Borders (back when it still existed) during undergrad. Yeah, that is probably where it started – I was associating getting coffee and being in a coffee shop with being productive.

Fast forward 10-11 years later and one of my favorite ways to meet up with people is to get a coffee. It signals to me that it’s time to get something done. Even if that “something” is simply visiting with a friend. In my book, you can’t really go wrong with having a purpose and a little caffeination.


I have a couple friends/colleagues on campus who I regularly (or semi-regularly) have coffee meetings with. The meetings started off as a chance to chat about social media and exchange ideas. They have since morphed to discussing social media, the campus, the profession in general, and our own professional development needs, wants, dilemmas, and dreams. I wouldn’t trade these meetings for anything. I make the time during my busy week to meet with these friends/colleagues because I know that it’s good for my own mental health and I often come back to the office with clarity and new ideas. Networking and relationship maintenance at its finest.

An hour and $5 well spent.

Last week I got to have 3 “coffee meetings.” I added the quotes because they weren’t all in the format of my traditional coffee meeting. One “meeting” was just me sitting in the coffee shop busting out a ton of work on my performance eval. Another meeting was with my student employee to discuss summer projects and didn’t involve coffee or the coffee shop, but the meeting had a similar purpose. The last was a true coffee meeting and we walked 10 minutes off campus to the new Starbucks that just opened. Having a Starbucks that close to campus is going to be dangerous this summer. Delicious, but so dangerous.

So, I encourage you to find your own “coffee meetings.” Have someone on-campus you’ve been wanting to meet or reconnect with, invite them to get a cup of coffee with you. There could be worse ways to spend an hour and $5.


5 thoughts on “Joy of Coffee Meetings

  1. Kari Wetzel says:

    I love coffee meetings, with someone else or with myself to get work done! I, too, associate getting work done with coffee shops. it’s a place for me to focus even if there’s a lot going on. Also, there’s a Starbucks .1 & .2 miles from where I work/live so let me tell you…it’s the best and worst thing that’s happened to me.

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