Spring Cleaning

Happy Spring! Just checking in with you all. I’ve been a little quiet on here lately…mostly because I’ve been lacking a bit of motivation to write (and busy with the end of the semester). Social media and blogging are such a large portion of my job, that I don’t necessarily always feel motivated to do it outside of work. In fact, with the exception of Pinterest, I’m most active on Facebook and Instagram outside of work (the two platforms I don’t have to use in my job). That being said, I want to use the Spring and Summer to figure out what I want this little corner of the internet to be. I recently started working my way through the A Beautiful Mess e-course “Blog Life” with the idea in mind to reignite my love of blogging for both work and personal. It’s a little like spring cleaning. Getting the dust of things, purging what isn’t working, and embracing what you love and motivates you. So, thanks for sticking around. 🙂



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