4 is a Cool Number

Hello all! Apologies that it’s been a little quiet here. I blame being busy at work (and rather tired in the evenings) and the Olympics.

On Tuesday I celebrated having my blog up and running for 4 years. Woo! I still can’t believe it’s been 4 years since I decided to take the plunge and claim my little corner of the internet. Instead of writing a post with some witty take on the number four, I just thought I’d share some insights I’ve had lately.

Social media is a beautiful thing. I get to learn, teach, and observe all at the same time. Through all my hard work the past few years, I’ve put my office on the map. People are recognizing that work through awesome online articles like this one.

The students I supervise are awesome. Lately, I’ve had some great moments whether it’s presenting together at a big on-campus event, chatting while doing crafty projects like new name signs for everyone in the office, or having fun talking to potential UMD students at events. Each of these students brings an energy and talent that are unique. My hope as a supervisor is to allow and foster that talent to shine and grow.

My sister is so fun to hang out with. This past weekend we saw The Band Perry in concert, watched TV and movies, relaxed, went shopping, ate out at fun places, and enjoyed 3 awesome days together.

Band Perry

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Classes) are great if not happening at the same time as the busiest 1.5 months of the semester and the Olympics. Now I’ll be cramming 5 weeks of work into 2. Go me.

One of my favorite new relationships revolves around reading, Higher Education, and the internet. I met Stephanie through blogging and we connected about tackling professional development reading. We picked our book, set up a schedule, and held our discussions all through email. We recently finished our first book “Personal Connections in the Digital Age” and we’re looking forward to picking out our next book to read.

It’s amazing what taking a day of vacation to make a long weekend can do for the soul. Taking Monday off to hang with my sister was the best decision I’ve made in a while.

Sunday Drinks

My office is kind of a disaster zone. I really need to clean it up. Maybe during Spring Break.

This winter has been kind of brutal. Duluth has had at least 85 inches of snow and is experiencing its coldest winter in 139 years. I completely understand that I live in Northern Minnesota and that it will be cold…but seriously, this is ridiculous. Spring needs to come ASAP.

Snow Day

My favorite TV shows right now are: Parenthood, The Mindy Project, How I Met Your Mother, and Big Bang Theory.

I’m looking forward to getting back into scrapbooking soon. My craft room/office has been rather chilly, so I haven’t been spending too much time in there.

Panera Bread has arrived in Duluth. Dreams really do come true!


I have some great friends both near and far. I feel so blessed to have them in my life, and I, in theirs.

Well, those are some of my insights as of late. I’d also like to report that I’ve survived February. Yay! Happy melting (fingers crossed) season!


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