The Love and Hate of February

I really do have a love-hate relationship with February. I love it because it’s the opportunity to watch students I’ve been working with blossom and go after opportunities they find for internships and first jobs. It’s fun to help them prepare for and calm the nerves at career fairs. This year, I also have a hate relationship with February. It’s only the 5th and I already hate it. Really, I could lump the last 2 weeks of January into this feeling. I’m busy, but I’m busy with the minutiae of the day. I read my email and a few career blog posts, set up tweets for the day, edit and get a blog post ready if needed, review resumes, have appointments and meetings, work at resume drop-ins, etc., and all of a sudden, the day is done and I go home feeling like I haven’t accomplished very much. I have a list of things to do and things are getting added faster than I can cross them off. The killer part is, is that I really do want to do most of the added items. I find them interesting, thought provoking, and challenging. I’ve said yes to extra things (like presenting at the Kirby Leadership Institute Conference on campus and events happening in relation to Eric Stoller’s visit next week) because I want to be a part of a bigger conversation on my campus. When will I hit the point of too much? Am I there? Some days it feels like it. I feel like my students, who are pulled in a million different directions…because they are awesome leaders on campus. Some days I have the random thought of how great it would be to not have appointments. I’d get so much done. Then I remind myself why I got into the profession…because of the students. I love helping them realize their dreams and how to practically get there. What’s frustrating is when I have a student scheduled for an appointment and they don’t show up. It’s the constant start and stop and not being able to really dig into a project that bugs me. And yet, I don’t want to have to bring my work home just so that I have time to work on it. That’s not fair to me and my time.

I just have to remember that February will end and I will survive. There are some great things scheduled for February. I’m especially excited about Eric Stoller’s visit to campus. I hope it serves as the kick in the butt that our campus needs to seriously get talking about a cross-campus approach to social media. It needs to happen and I very much want to (and need to) be a part of the conversation. Maybe I’ll just start with making a to-do list.


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