Around Here This Weekend

Weekends are a great time to relax and spend time with people. So far, this weekend has been a good one.

On Friday, we started the process of saying good-bye to Aaron and Addy, who are gearing up for their next great adventure in another city. They will be greatly missed from our Friday happy hour group.

A2 Sir Ben's

Saturday kicked off with a coffee and yarn exchange with Addy and then moved into a fun Skype session with my sister. Kendra and I met up for the rest of the day just to hang out. It was a beautiful brisk day, so we decided to venture up the North Shore. First stop was Gooseberry Falls State Park. We checked out the frozen waterfalls and hiked around in the woods a bit. So pretty!

snowy trees

Bent snowy trees

After Gooseberry, it was time for pie! With a stop at the Rustic Inn right by Gooseberry, we had pie and did some knitting before heading back to Duluth. We chuckled as we were greeted by a rather cliche & common sighting for Minnesota – snowmobiles.


As we got back into Duluth, we stopped at Brighton Beach to take in sunset over the city and Lake Superior.

Sunset Brighton Beach

Lake Superior Ice

bush at sunset Brighton

Our day ended with a couple hour dinner at Canal Park Brewing Company. Is there a better way to end a Saturday than with a flight of craft beers, good food, and great conversation with friends?

Canal Flight

Other notable happenings this week:

  • Squeezed in lunches and dinners with on-campus friends and colleagues before the craziness of the Spring semester sets in.
  • Started reading for my first professional development virtual book club. Stephanie and I are reading Personal Connections in the Digital Age. So far, I’m really liking it. Hoping to share my thoughts here as we venture further into the book. I’m excited that maybe I’ll actually finish some professional development books this year because of having this new process of accountability in place.
  • I think I’m actually ready for Spring semester. Woo!

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