Enjoy Recap Part 2

How about one last look at how “enjoy” shaped 2013. You can read part 1 here. Here’s a run-down of the rest of the intentions that guided the “enjoy” experience.

Family & Friends: I spent a lot of time with my sister Julie this year. I love when she comes to visit and we take mini adventures together. Really, I love it when anyone comes to visit me. I love showing them what I love about Duluth and the North Shore. My friend Ashley, from grad school, came to visit for a weekend. It was fabulous, but all too short. I’ve got a really solid group of friends at work. The friends at work thing has taken a little while to cultivate, but it was well worth the wait.

Julie and me at Gooseberry Falls SP

Julie and me at Gooseberry Falls SP

Ashley & Me

Ashley and me at Cascade River State Park

Some of my fab UMD friends

Some of my fab friends

Good Design: Learned a bit more about graphic design. Also got some of the basics down of Photoshop and InDesign.

Photography: The best camera is the one you have. I used both Canon Rebel and iPhone throughout the year to capture the moment. I also completed a photography workshop at Banning State Park with Kendra. Photographing engagement photos for my friends, Addy & Aaron, was also a huge accomplishment for me this year.

Maple Leaves BSP

Leaves at Banning State Park

One of my favorites from the engagement photo shoot

One of my favorites from the engagement photo shoot

My Work: I decided my next career goal – own my roles, grow in my roles, and keep learning about social media and leadership. While busy, I’m trying to embrace and enjoy the busy.

Living in Minnesota: Explored the North Shore of Lake Superior a lot this year on my own and with others. During the summer sometimes I have to pinch myself because it’s so beautiful. It’s like: how lucky am I to live in such a gorgeous place? Then winter comes…and it snows and I can’t see over snowbanks. 🙂 Guess it can’t be blissful all the time.

September sunrise over Lake Superior at Canal Park in Duluth

September sunrise over Lake Superior at Canal Park in Duluth

Result of the Dec snowstorm

Result of the Dec snowstorm

Writing & Social Media: I only really wrote/blogged when I felt the urge. I feel like I ended up with some random, but fun topics. Topics such as:

My favorite social media platforms for personal are Pinterest, Instagram, & Facebook. I really do want to fall back in love with Twitter. For work, I’m loving Pinterest and Twitter. I enjoy the office blog written by our students, it’s just so much work on my end. Because I do so much with the blog at work (we publish 5 days a week while we’re in session), I think I’ve really lacked the drive to write for Student Affairs Explorer. It makes me a little sad. I’m hoping this also changes in 2014.

Learning: I completed the entire Equity & Diversity certificate (30 hours of training) that is offered to U of MN employees. The certificate is a series of 10 3-hour workshops that I completed throughout the year. Each workshop is only offered on our campus once a year since the facilitators are coming up to Duluth from the Twin Cities. The fact that I was able to go to each and every workshop this year is quite the accomplishment. I love that I took advantage of the opportunity to sit with co-workers to learn about and brainstorm what we can do better to work with all the different populations we serve on campus. I also started reading more about leadership development and student learning outcomes. I’m hoping to do more professional development in these areas in 2014. I also did a ton of reading and research about social media in higher education as preparation for my first solo conference presentation this past spring. It was all about how to create a social media plan for an on-campus office. It was really well received at the conference. 🙂

Now onward to 2014!


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