Enjoy: A Word for 2013

“Enjoy” as a word for 2013 has treated me well. I started the year by taking the “One Little Word” class through Big Picture Classes online. The class is designed with activities for each month to help you document how you’re living your word. I made it through January & February…and then my commitment to the class completely went away. However, my commitment to embracing “enjoy” didn’t waiver one bit. At the beginning of the class we outlined our intentions for the year. I do believe that these intentions, guided my year.


Enjoy the outdoors: I didn’t do as many specific hiking trips this year as previous years. However, I did do shorter hikes with people as we ventured up the North Shore. I explored Amnicon Falls State Park and parts of the Apostle Island National Lakeshore over in Wisconsin with my sister during the July 4th weekend. I also added Banning State Park (south of Duluth) and Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park (Ontario!) to the list of new parks visited. I’ve learned that Lake Superior is absolutely gorgeous when the weather isn’t the greatest. The waves are just so intense. Check out this video of the Lake at Gooseberry Falls State Park posted on Facebook by MN State Parks & Trails.

Lake Superior - May 13

Hiking with Julie

Hiking with Julie

Enjoy healthier living: I am more consistently taking walking breaks at work. I meet with a health coach on-campus as part of a wellness program that is connected to my health insurance benefits. I finally got a flu shot this year. I want to do a lot more in this area in 2014.

Enjoy creating: I was a paper crafting and yarn using fool this year. I’ve been using Project Life to document the year as it is happening and I made major progress on my scrapbooking project for my Summer 2010 adventure in Oregon. I also cranked out 4 baby blankets (1 knit & 3 crocheted) for family and friends and a knit blanket for my mom. I also made a few other paper projects for gifts. I love creating. It can be therapeutic and it can also just give me something to do on the evenings and weekends. I also love creating with others – even if we’re just each doing our own thing while watching tv.

PL Insert Back

Olympic Peninsula. Chose to use a soft yellow to coordinate with all of the green and blue in the photos.

Enjoy reading: I’ve been a “reader” for as long as I can remember. I didn’t have any set goals about how many books I wanted to read this year (I normally set a goal at the beginning of the year). I just wanted to enjoy reading. So far this year, I’ve completed reading 22 books. My favorite books were The Selection series, Allegiant, Wild, and A View of the Lake. I also have several blogs in my blog reader that I enjoy on a daily basis. My current faves include: enJOY it: Elise Blaha Cripe; A Beautiful Mess; Amy Tangerine; Campfire Chic; Bower Power; Young House Love; Running off the Reeses; Iowa Girl Eats; Espresso & Cream; First Class Great Outdoors; Paris in Four Months; and Army Crafter.

Enjoy traveling: In 2013, I didn’t travel a great distance from Duluth. I did do a great deal of traveling to areas within a few hours of Duluth. In May, I ventured down to Milwaukee to celebrate Julie’s graduation from UW-M. Immediately following that weekend, Julie and I spent the next week traveling up and down the North Shore of Lake Superior. We used Grand Marais as our base and ventured from there each day. One day we even ventured up into Canada for the first time! That week of vacation was fabulous. Our hotel was right on the Lakefront. We got to listen to the waves every night as we drifted off to sleep. Here’s where we all went on our trip: Duluth, Grand Marais, Gooseberry Falls SP, Cascade River SP, Grand Portage SP, Grand Portage National Monument, Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park (Ontario), and Thunder Bay (Ontario). In June, I ventured to a new MN state park and took a photography workshop at Banning State Park with my friend Kendra. In July, Julie came to visit me for the first week of July. We took a day trip to the Bayfield Peninsula in Wisconsin. That day we checked out Amnicon Falls SP, Bayfield, Ashland, and the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. Also in July, my friend Ashley came up to visit me for a weekend. I had so much fun showing her the North Shore of Lake Superior from Duluth to Grand Marais. Our stops included: breakfast at At Sara’s Table (a must if you’re in Duluth), Gooseberry Falls SP, Temperance River SP, Cascade River SP, and Grand Marais. In August, my parents came to visit for a long weekend. We drove the MN portion of the Lake Superior North Shore (Duluth to Grand Portage and back) in a day. Overall, I really enjoyed my travel experiences for 2013. Even though I didn’t go very far, I completed all of my travel excursions with really fun people. Sometimes, half the fun of traveling is showing a place to someone else. You can show them why you love a place so much. And, in turn, you can see a place you’ve been to many times, a new way through someone else’s eyes.

View from our room in Grand Marais

View from our room in Grand Marais

Kakabeka Falls - Ontario, Canada

Kakabeka Falls – Ontario, Canada

Elevation marker in Grand Marais - 602 feet above sea level

Elevation marker in Grand Marais – 602 feet above sea level

Okay, this blog post is already getting ridiculously long. I’m going to save the rest of my “enjoy” recap for another day. 


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