When It Snows, It Storms

Hello all! Just wanted to let you know that I survived Winter Storm Cleon. It was the first major snowfall for Duluth this winter and my neighborhood received, for sure, over 2 feet of snow in just a couple days. For the past week, I’ve only gone to work or the grocery store – both within about 2 miles of home. Today, I finally ventured across town to Target. We had a snow day on Wednesday, which was awesome! I watched tv, dvds, and knitted most of the day. It was fabulous. Now, it’s just bitterly cold, and that’s just not fun.

I wanted to share some photos from last week adventure in snow. One is from Wednesday, but the rest are from after the snowstorm taken either at UMD or around my apartment building.

During SnowstormDigging Car outBack meadowBerries with snowSnowy treeUMD snow sunsetUMD Snowy trees


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