Why Reread Books?

Do you ever find yourself drawn back to a book you’ve already read?

Sometimes, I find myself drawn back to books and reread them. I don’t know if it’s the story, the characters, the mood the author sets, or me just wanting something comfortable. I know I’ve reread books in a series to prep for a new book or movie that’s coming out. These are books like Harry Potter or Twilight (even though I’ve read the first Twilight book more times than I care to admit).

I’ve read Pride & Prejudice at least four times. I love the world that Jane Austen created in Pride & Prejudice. I love the books that are retellings on Pride & Prejudice from different character perspectives. I just get swept away in the world. I recently went on a Jane Austen movie binge by watching Pride & Prejudice (Kiera Knightly version), Jane Austen Book Club, and Becoming Jane all in one week. This was all while I was finishing the book Mr. Darcy’s Diary by Amanda Grange.

Sometimes when I pick up a book to reread, I feel a little guilty. I have a stack of books I’ve started & stopped sitting on my nightstand. They’re all just waiting to be finished. I’ve got books I bought or borrowed ages ago that ought to be read. But instead, I turn to something more comforting  and old. I wonder if it’s because the world around me can be, or is, chaotic and overstimulating with new information. An old favorite book lets me quiet my brain down a bit while still enjoying reading .

Who knows the real reason. All I know is that last night, I paused reading a new book I started last week (Yarn), in favor of starting an old one (Eat, Pray, Love).

What’s your favorite book to reread?


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