Welcome to Bulldog Country

Tonight, I checked off another iconic Duluthian experience…attending a Bulldog Hockey game. If you ever visited or lived in Minnesota, you know that hockey reigns supreme. I’ve been wanting to go to a game ever since I started working at UMD. Kendra and I were due for a friend date so we decided to get tickets for the hockey game. Added bonus, staff tickets were discounted for this weekend. Woo!

One thing that’s interesting at UMD is that most of our athletic teams are Division 2, except hockey. Both our men’s & women’s hockey teams are Division 1.  This weekend, the men’s team is taking on the number 2 ranked Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. Sadly, we lost 3-2. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to a hockey game. I forgot how stressful they are to watch.

Anyway, I welcome you to Bulldog Country!

Kendra & I

Kendra & I

Opening Face-off

Opening Face-off

Hockey 1

Hockey 3


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