Taking the Photographic Leap

We all have those friends that we’d do pretty much anything for. Do you have your friends in mind? They’re the ones with who you take the crazy adventures, you laugh until you cry, or you can spend a quiet day. Well, Addy and Aaron are friends like that to me. While we only really started hanging out during the past year, it feels like our circle of friends has been together for so much longer. They got engaged over the summer and I’m very much looking forward to their September 2014 wedding.

Knowing my photography background, they asked if I’d be willing/able to take their engagement photos. Now, if you’ve spent any time reading my blog, you know that I very rarely take photos of people. I’m much more of a landscape/nature/buildings/flowers type of photographer. Taking their trust and confidence in me, I decided to take the bold leap out of my photography comfort zone and whole-heartedly agreed to take their engagement photos. As I’m sure other photographers know, it can be a hard leap to take. I’m soooo glad I did it.

It all happened quickly. Addy asked me on Saturday, we scouted a location and discussed different types of shots on Sunday, and took the photos on Monday after work. We ended up going to the east side of Duluth to Lester Park and 7 Bridges Road. It’s a beautiful area of the city and the fall colors were gorgeous. You might recognize the area from my 30 photo challenge from last year.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the session.

Ring and leaf

A2 BW Away

A2 Amity Creek

Ring on Leaves Sepia

Aaron in focus on bridge

A2 sitting on bridge

A2 on Bridge

BW Hands Heart

Clearly, this leap out of my comfort zone was well worth it. 🙂

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