Recommended Consumption: Craft Edition

Hello all! After a little time away, it’s time get my little corner of the internet all revved up again. I really didn’t have a good reason for not writing any posts for almost the last month. I just wasn’t totally inspired to write. While away, I spent a lot of my time crafting and hanging out with friends and family who were visiting me. For the crafting – a lot of knitting and scrapbooking. I was on such a roll with both. It was awesome! Since I’ve been in craft mode this summer, I thought I’d revive the “recommended consumption” post idea with a craft edition.

Recommended consumption

Read: Blogs

  • A Beautiful Mess – Elsie & Emma are sisters who write about crafting, food, photography, fashion, and many other things. They also have a photo editing iPhone app called A Beautiful Mess.
  • Becky Higgins – Becky is the creator of Project Life and this is her main site about all things related to Project Life. You can see my recent post of how I’m using Project Life right now.
  • Campfire Chic – Kam has a lovely blend of outdoorsy travel, techy, and crafting
  • Rukristin Papercrafts – I just recently started reading Kristin’s blog and love it for the different scrapbooking ideas.
  • The Purl Bee – Knitting shop in New York and they often post knitting and sewing projects
  • Amy Tangerine – Amy Tan is currently one of my favorite scrapbook designers. She has had multiple product lines released through American Crafts and has an upcoming new mini-kit in the Project Life series.
  • enJOY it – Elise is the woman behind what is probably my favorite blog right now. She designed the Project Life Seafoam Kit and she often sells mini-books and stamps she designed, on her website.
  • Lemon & Raspberry – Amy is another lady that I recently started following and she writes a little bit about everything. Her main topics are blog tips, memory keeping of different kinds, and inspiration in general.
  • Bower Power – Katie Bower actually writes a DIY blog, and she often has different craft ideas and has great photography.
  • Young House Love – another great DIY blog with craft projects in addition to their big house projects

Listen: Podcast

  • Recently discovered the “Paperclipping Roundtable” podcast. It’s the perfect thing to listen to when scrapbooking or doing other crafty stuff. On Sunday, I ended up listening to 3 episodes in a row.

Idea Generating: Pinterest & Instagram

Besides each of the blogs listed above, I do a lot idea finding on Pinterest and Instagram. I love looking on Instagram because people are posting projects they are working on or have just finished. All the blogs listed above, I recommend following each of them on Pinterest & Instagram. Here are a couple of additional creative sources I follow on Pinterest:

I hope that all the things I’ve shared will help you find some inspiration of your own.

Bonus Listen: “Roar” by Katy Perry – just came out this week. It’s fab!


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