The Flowers are Coming!

Spring is slowly, but surely, arriving in the Northland. Winter lasted far too long and the result was a delay in beautiful spring flowers blooming. We actually had a warm day yesterday and I ventured down to the lake to one of my favorite places in the Duluth, the rose garden. I wanted to see if anything was blooming. There just a few things here and there starting to bloom. As I was wondering around the garden, I was reminded once again that I should really invest in a macro lens. I love taking the close-up shots and my current lens that came with my Cannon Rebel, doesn’t always agree with me that we should get a beautifully in-focus upthisclosetotheflower shot. Regardless, here are a few of my favorite photos.

trees at rose gardenwhite flower resizedDaffodil resized

P.S. This was one of my first attempts at using some of the editing features in iPhoto on my new Mac. Anyone know how to do pixel resizing in iPhoto (or can I even do that)??? I ended up using PicMonkey to do the pixel resizing in an effort to not take up too much of my allotted space on WordPress. Thanks!

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