It’s All in the Rainbow

This past week has been wonderful. Why? I’ve been on vacation with my sister, celebrating her recent Master’s graduation from UWM. We did a similar trip out to the Black Hills in South Dakota to celebrate my graduation from UW-Whitewater. We (well, I really) had had a grand plan for a roadtrip out to Virginia. To be honest it was a nice dream, and the closer we got to it, it was very clear that the trip plan was ambitious for our time frame and more costly than we could afford. Insert Plan B, a roadtrip up the North Shore of Lake Superior. We’ve already had numerous adventures up the shore, but this would give us a chance to stay further north than Duluth for a couple days and explore even more. We decided to use Grand Marais as our home base for most of the week. Grand Marais is this adorable little town right on Lake Superior about 45 minutes from the Canadian border. I have plenty to share with you about our trip, and today I want to share with you all the wonderful rainbows I saw. One of the themes for our trip was waterfalls. They were everywhere! Since we had so much late snow, and a couple recent days of rain, the rivers were crazy full. You’d hear the waterfalls long before you saw them and once you were there, you could hear nothing else. The roar was, well, loud. It was also a beautiful sound. I just couldn’t get over all the water…especially because I’ve seen some of these waterfalls in the past year with hardly any water flowing over them.

Anyway, on to the rainbows. Because of the intense amount of water flowing over the waterfalls, there was a lot of spray. A lot…especially at High Falls in Grand Portage State Park where we were just doused with water spray (even before we got to the actual waterfall). The combination of the spray and the sunshine made for a the perfect setting for rainbows. The rainbows just added a spark of magic to the already wonderful setting. So, here they are, captured at three different parks.

Rainbow #1 - Kekebeka Falls Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada

Rainbow #1 is faint, but it’s there – Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada

Rainbow #2 at High Falls in Grand Portage State Park

Rainbow #2 at High Falls in Grand Portage State Park

High Falls is part of the Pigeon River, which forms the border between Minnesota and Canada. The rocks on the left side of the photo are Minnesota, and the right are Canada. Pretty much got rained on with the icy cold water spray at this waterfall. So worth it to see the full rainbow that was happening.

Rainbow #3 at Cascade River State Park

Rainbow #3 at Cascade River State Park

The rocks are hiding the waterfall, but it’s there. Such a fun couple of days. I’ll be back with more about our trip. 🙂

Until then, have you seen waterfall rainbows? If so, where?


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