The 29 List

When I turned 29 a year ago, I made a grand list. It had 29 things that I wanted to accomplish during my 29th year. I’ve been keeping a progress report going on the 29 for 29 page. The past year has been all about getting things done. I know that some of the things I put on the list were there because I was planning to do them anyway (like buying a new dSLR camera). Other things were put on the list so that I wouldn’t procrastinate in completing them (like getting my MN driver’s license). Other things were kind of a pipe dream (like seeing the Northern Lights).

Me with one of my favs (my Canon Rebel)

Me with one of my favs (my Canon Rebel)

What I appreciated from having this list to work on…was that it forced me TO DO stuff. The listmaker inside of me loved crossing items off the list once they were completed. Instead of talking about different things to do, I got off my butt and did them. So, here is what I accomplished during the year I was 29:

  • Completed a 30 photo challenge
  • Visited Voyageurs National Park in Northern Minnesota
  • Made more Duluth friends
  • Visited 5 new state parks in Minnesota (Cannot wait to keep exploring those parks!)
  • Found at least 10 new blogs and followed them for at least 3 months
  • Drove the entire North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota (Duluth to Canadian Boarder)
  • Tried a new food or drink each month (skipped 2 months, but tried 15 new items)
  • Made the leap and purchased my dSLR camera
  • Crocheted a blanket for a new baby cousin
  • Sent more snail mail to friends and family
  • Made at least 1 recipe each month found through Pinterest (skipped 3 months, but made 14 new recipes)
  • Made at least 1 craft found through Pinterest each month (skipped 3 months, but I was super crafty this past year with a lot of knitting, scrapbooking, and the other fun things I found through Pinterest, so I’m calling this one good)
  • Took a road trip (SE Wisconsin for 2 weeks!)
  • Got my MN Driver’s License!!
  • Made a blog editorial schedule I stick with (aka: post whenever I feel like it)
  • Visited the Milwaukee Art Museum (so glad that I was there during the Posters of Paris exhibit)
  • Photographed sunrise & sunset on the same day (even did it at the same spot, just looking different directions)
  • Figured out my next career goal
  • Saw the Golden Gate Bridge during my trip to San Francisco/Berkeley
  • Stuck my hand or feet into Lake Superior during each season
  • Invested more in my retirement fund (planning to continue this year by opening up a Roth IRA)
  • Watched all 8 Harry Potter movies back to back
Voyageurs Sign

Voyageurs Sign

What ever will the year of 30 bring me? I guess I’ll just have to live life and figure it out as I go. 🙂


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