Birthday Week, Part 3

My birthday week was so epic, that I had to split the recap into 3 parts. đŸ™‚ If you need to catch up:

Since I was already making trek down to the Twin Cities for a conference, I decided to stay for the whole weekend at my friend Carissa’s house. Her birthday was on the 29th, so we made a weekend of celebrating our birthdays. The weekend promised of beautifully warm weather (like capri & flip flop weather!) and relaxing fun. Spontaneously, we contacted my sister to see if she wanted to make the journey over from WI to join us for a day of fun. She said yes!! I was pumped because I hadn’t seen her for a couple weeks. Shortly after Julie got to Carissa’s we had lunch and coffee at Caribou and then got pedicures. I needed to make my feet sandal-ready.

Julie & Carissa

Julie & Carissa

Summerfied toes, ready for sandals!

Summerfied toes, ready for sandals!

In the afternoon, Carissa’s parents joined us because they had picked up a birthday cake for us!

Birthday Cake #3 - the best one!

Birthday Cake #3 – the best one!

Yes, it was as delicious as it looks…red velvet, raspberry filling, & chocolate frosting.

Carissa & I

Carissa & I

The rest of the weekend involved going out for dinner, doing a little shopping, sleeping in, watching Netflix, enjoying the nice weather, and just relaxing. I loved it!

Well, thanks for tagging along on this birthday week journey. So far, turning 30 has been fairly decent. I’m excited to see what the rest of the year brings.


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