Birthday Week, Part 2

My birthday week was kind of epic. Well, maybe I was just busy. But seriously, I celebrated turning 30 multiple times, and I’m technically not done yet. 🙂 See part 1 of the Birthday Week here.

I left off with Thursday. On Thursday, I spent my entire day in a PDI (Professional Development Institute) about Emotional Intelligence in Career Development on the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. It was okay. The real highlight of the day was the evening! Myself and my co-workers made the journey to the southern side of the Twin Cities metro to do a little shopping at Ikea and dinner at Mall of America. I’ve been lusting after a certain desk from Ikea for awhile and now I finally have it. After Ikea, we ventured across the street to the Mall of America where we had dinner at Crave.



The night kicked off with a delicious martini.

My delicious "Prince of Purple" martini

My delicious “Prince of Purple” martini

The ladies that I work with are great, so it was fun to celebrate my birthday with them. Laughed so much! The night ended with a slice of birthday cake. Complete with candle.

Cake #2. This one complete with candle.

Cake #2. This one complete with candle.

Friday marked the Spring Conference for the Minnesota Career Development Association. It was a decent gathering of career professionals from around the state. It was my actual birthday. Yay! It was so fun to get Happy Birthday texts and Facebook messages throughout the day. The day also marked my first solo conference presentation. I was nervous and excited. I love presenting, but it still gives me butterflies every once in awhile. My presentation was titled: Pin, Like, & Tweet: Discover the Social Media Strategy that is Right for Your Office. It’s all about the strategy that needs to thought out BEFORE implementing social media into an office communication plan. I think some people thought it would be something like Twitter 101, even though my description explicitly mentioned it being all about strategy. Oh well, not my fault if people misread it. Plus, a Twitter 101 type of presentation would have bored me. To me, strategy is more interesting and it’s not presented on very much at conferences.

Presentation description

Presentation description

I was a bit nervous, because I didn’t feel like I was completely ready. I ended up spending the morning break and most of lunch doing the final fleshing out of the presentation. My slides had be done for about a week, but I wanted to polish it up with examples and extra tidbits. I was totally that person who found a spot to camp out on the floor just to be next to an outlet.

First official presenter's badge

First official presenter’s badge

Overall, the presentation went great. I had a few technical difficulties, but once those were figured out, it was smooth sailing. I had 25 people attend, which was pretty good considering there were 4 other sessions, a room with 4 roundtables, and the attendance of the total conference was around 140. I had a lot of questions from the audience and some great comments afterwards. I deem the presentation a success. One of these days, I’ll be bold enough to submit to present at a national conference. Until then, the state ones are great practice.

After the conference ended, I headed towards the northern suburbs to spend the weekend at my friend Carissa’s house. It’s her birthday today, so we spent the weekend celebrating our two birthdays. Which is where I’ll leave you. I’ll be back soon to finish off recapping the epic 30th birthday week.

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