End of an Era

In just over two weeks, my 20s will be coming to a close. I’m celebrating the big 3-0 birthday. I’m mostly excited, a little sad. As I’m starting to take time to look back on my 20s, I’m realizing that they were pretty flippin’ monumental.

Black Hills Road Sunset

Off the top of my head, here are some of my favorite moments.

  • Graduated with my Bachelors degree in Communication.
  • Earned my Masters hood with a degree in Counseling.
  • Completely changed my intended career path of business to education and career counseling. Haven’t regretted that decision for a single moment.
  • Worked at 5 universities.
  • Moved to Oregon for a summer internship…kind of spontaneously.
  • Attended Drum Corps International World Championships in Indianapolis.
  • Attended Winter Guard International World Championships in Dayton.
  • Taught color guard and am so proud of my students who have gone on to do great things.
  • Moved twice to a city where I knew zero to few people.
  • I’ve lived on my own since 2005.
  • Fell in love with hiking.
  • Started developing my photography skills.
  • Discovered the awesome world of social media and have loved the connections I’ve made and the content I’ve learned.
  • I flew on an airplane for the first time. (this was big as I didn’t travel a lot while I was growing up)
  • I worked retail, actually liked it, and was good at it.
  • Realized that I have a love for traveling.
  • I’ve met some wonderful people who have helped mold me into the person I am today.
  • Attended two national conferences and several local/state ones. Learning is one of my strengths.
  • I know what I want, and don’t want, in a significant other. Now I just need to find him. 🙂

Yellow Flower

Here are a few things that I’ve learned along the way:

Working at a job that you truly love, really does make a difference in your overall happiness.

My family is awesome. This is not so much something I “learned,” rather something that I’ve been reminded of on several occasions.

There are some sucky people out there in the world and the best thing you can do is extricate them from your life.

Being thoughtful in how you communicate with people is a proactive way of solving problems before they exist.

Thinking before investing your money can lead to some excellent purchases…especially when that investment is a couch, computer, your education, or something simple like a subscription to Netflix.

Best friends are hard to find. They are the people who you may not have seen for a year and you can pick up with like its only been a day. Those individuals are usually the ones who co-star in the highlight reel that is your 20s.

“It depends” is an answer that works for almost any question and/or situation.

Trust the process. Always.

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