What the Employers Said

Today was a career fair day! These are big days when you work in the land of Career Services. My favorite part is seeing the students at the fair that I’ve been working with leading up to the fair, and seeing them shine. I had multiple students who got offers for interviews. How exciting!

One of the main things I did today was live-tweet advice from employers. I picked an array of employers to talk to and asked if they’d be willing to share their advice for students attending the fair (or really any career fair). It was fun to see the reactions from the recruiters when I had my phone out and was writing up the tweet as they were talking. It was cool!

Well, I wanted to share the advice with you as well. It’s advice that is fairly universal and could apply to really any situation involving a potential employer. I give you, my event live tweets!

From AMSOIL: introduce yourself, shake hands, and know what you want!

From maurices: bring energy, dress appropriately, and know your goals.

From ATS (Anderson Trucking Service): Be prepared! Know yourself and know what you want.

From Essentia Health: know about the company, introduce yourself, and know what you want.

From McGladrey: start coming to the fair as a freshman. Network!

From Cirrus Aircraft: check out their website for engineering internships. (They really wanted engineering interns – which we have plenty of at UMD.)

From WI Dept of Corrections: be open-minded and just come up and talk to the recruiters.

From Minnesota Power: come with questions and introduce yourself.

From St. Luke’s Hospital: be prepared, have questions, be professional, and speak for yourself. First impressions are crucial.

This little project was fun. Plus, it gives me examples to share with students. Any story that begins with, “I’ve had employers tell me…” is golden.

Anyone have great career fair stories to share? I’d love to read them.


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