Still Here

Hello lovely people of the internet. I just wanted to let you know I was still here. I cannot believe that January is just flying by at such a brisk pace. Let me catch you up. The first week of January was super fun because my sister was visiting me in Duluth. I worked a few half days so that I could enjoy her being here with me. we took a short trip up the shore to Gooseberry Falls State Park. It was my first trip up the shore during the winter. We were pleasantly surprised to see the falls about 99% frozen. So cool! We also rang in 2013 by watching the last two Harry Potter movies.


Me at the frozen Gooseberry Falls

After taking Julie back to Menomonie, I promptly came down with a nasty cold. I’ve gone through a total of 6 boxes of tissues in two weeks. Yes, I counted. During the first week of my cold, I missed work for most of the week. Hence the lack of blog posts. Focusing my energy on getting healthy. I was able to save my nose from completely going raw by using Puffs +Lotion tissues and applying rose salve from Bath & Body Works periodically. The combo worked like a dream. I did determine that getting that sick during Winter Break is actually pretty fantastic timing. Our office is so quiet during Winter Break that I didn’t feel all that guilty about calling in sick. The experience also made me super grateful that my health benefits allow me to take sick time without losing income.


Empty tissue box #1

We finally got a bit of snow last week. It made getting to an early off campus meeting interesting. However, the view from the window was really nice. The snow was so pretty. My meeting was the neighboring private college in town and it was for our Social Media Breakfast Twin Ports group. It’s a community group that gets together one Friday morning a month to learn and talk about a social media topic. It was the first meeting I could make since about July. Our topic was about social media analytics. Nothing earth-shatteringly new for me. However, it was nice to chat with people.


View of the snowfall out the window at St. Scholastica

The past few days have been cold. Like seriously cold. Yesterday morning I took a screenshot from my weather app.


Crazy cold weather

Yes, that does read “feels like -43*.” I call that OMG cold. Thankfully, things will be warming up a bit in the next couple days.

Yesterday marked the start of the Spring 2013 semester. Yay, students are back. From the students I’ve talked to (and who work in our office), it seems that the general tone is that the students are happy to be back on campus. I’m excited to see what this semester brings. The next month is going to be kind of crazy for our office. Students on our campus are invited to 5 different career fairs and it’s RA application time. We will be super busy during our Resume Drop-in times. Exciting and draining all at the same time.

That’s all for now. I hope you’re staying warm!


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