Enjoy: My One Little Word For 2013

Enjoy orange


It’s a beautiful word. At least to me. It means to experience with joy. I also like the word “joy.” However, I like that “enjoy” is a little meatier. It’s an action verb. It means that I want to DO something. To me, it serves as a reminder to slow down and take in the scenery, event, people, process, journey, etc. To ENJOY the world around me. I’ve been thinking about this idea for awhile, as evidence by what I wrote last spring during a hike at Tettegouche State Park. To really look at what’s around me. In essence, to stop and smell the roses. It’s not that I don’t enjoy my life and my surroundings. It’s more about enjoying the process of whatever I’m doing as opposed to hopping from one thing to the next, always thinking about future plans, or “having” to do something.

I did the whole word for the year thing back in 2011. My word was explore. I liked having a “word,” but I didn’t do too much with it. It just happened to be a one word explanation of one of the craziest years I’ve experienced yet (interning, finishing grad school, moving, and starting a new job). I didn’t have a word for last year. Then during December I started reading all the archives for one of my favorite blogs: Elise Blaha Cripe’s “enJOY It.” ENJOY is right in title of her blog! I’ve spent the past several weeks reading the word “enjoy” and I started to realize how much I love the sound of the word. Eventually, I decided that it should be my word for 2013. As luck should have it, Elise recently blogged about her one little word for 2013 and linked to an online class that she was participating in to help embrace and intentionally incorporate her word for the year. I checked it out and I was sold. I signed up for the class on January 1st and now I’m starting with the first lessons. For January, the task is to set intentions for the year. Basically, how do you “intend” to incorporate your word throughout the year. I did some brainstorming today and here is what I came up with.

  • Enjoy the outdoors
  • Enjoy healthier living
  • Enjoy creating
  • Enjoy reading
  • Enjoy traveling
  • Enjoy family & friends
  • Enjoy good design
  • Enjoy photography
  • Enjoy my work
  • Enjoy living in Minnesota
  • Enjoy writing & social media
  • Enjoy learning

I’m excited to see how all of these take shape throughout the year. A fun part of the class, well I think it’s fun, is that there is a craft component to each month’s lesson. Yay for crafting! I haven’t tackled that part of the January lesson yet, just the information. I haven’t decided if I’m going to share every month here on the blog, but probably at least a couple times through out the year. I’m excited to ENJOY 2013!!

Have you picked a word to live by for 2013?


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