5 Things: Finals Edition

Even though I don’t have to take finals anymore, I work on a college campus and living through finals week is inevitable. However, now finals week is like a breath of fresh air. I finally have time to relax a little at work. Here are 5 things I’m either enjoying or appreciating during this Fall 2012 Finals Week.

  1. Sunday Brunch. Met up with the students I supervise for a study break brunch. Delish!
  2. Not having 4-5 student appointments in a single day…5 days in a row. I’m much less mentally exhausted when I get home at the end of the day.
  3. Adobe products & having time to learn them. Yesterday I tackled Adobe Bridge (organizational heaven!) and today Photoshop!
  4. Scrapbook mojo. I finally did some legit scrapbooking last night for the first time in probably a year and a half. Yay!
  5. Blog archives. Elise is one of my favorite bloggers that I stumbled upon this year. I recently decided to start reading posts from the beginning of her blog. So fun & full of crafting inspiration. 🙂

And here’s a photo just because I think blog posts should have some sort of visual. It’s one of the photos I scrapbooked last night. That’s right I’m working on my Summer 2010 “interning out West” books!!

Grand Canyon of YNP

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone


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