Sunday = Workday

Early this morning I hopped into my car and drove the 3 hours from my parents’ house to Duluth just so that I could have brunch with the students I supervise. We decided on Sunday brunch because it would give each of the students a break from studying for finals (which start tomorrow). I suggested that we meet at At Sara’s Table – one of the best places to have brunch in Duluth (in my opinion). Plus, it’s close to campus, it’s been featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins & Dives, and a number of the students hadn’t eaten there (oh the horror!). I think we may have started a new tradition – finals brunch!

I spent the rest of the day working on and off on a project for work. We are publishing a new Career Handbook and it is set to go to the printer on Friday. I was told Friday morning that my edits were due on Monday afternoon. Hence why I’m working on it today. The whole process of contributing to this handbook has been kind of humbling for me. I was asked to write new information for internships, using social media, developing a personal brand, and a few other items (along with reviewing a handful of other sections that are already in the book). I say humbling because I thought what I originally submitted back in August or September was pretty decent, only to look at it again in November and see that it’s been ripped apart and reworked in places. Except Internships – that section has made it through the editing process fairly unscathed. I had to remind myself that I’m not a perfect writer and that I need to remain objective about my writing, especially when it’s going into a document that our office will be heavily using for the next 2 years. I will fully admit that what I initially wrote for Personal Branding was crap. It was a last minute add-on at the end of October that was piled on top of my already busy semester. Anyway, several good lessons learned about writing and being objective. It still stings a little though. Ultimately, I have to remember that it’s for the good of the office that we put out a well written document.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I was at home over the first part of the weekend. I went home specifically to see my sister, who was home for the weekend from Milwaukee, and to help put up the Christmas tree. We have a family tradition of going to pick out a tree about a week or so prior to Christmas and then decorating it as a family. Way back in the day we use to go cut our own tree and now we just go up the street to pick out one from a tree stand that a local tree farm runs in town. Well, I’ve missed out on this tradition the passed couple years and decided I wasn’t going to miss another year. We got our tree on Friday night and decorated it last night. So much fun to have Christmas music blasting through the house and laughing a lot. Can’t wait to go home for an extended holiday break!

Our finished Christmas tree!

Our finished Christmas tree!


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