On the Train

So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I suppose this stems from a couple places. First, I blog everyday during the week for my job. Granted, I’m not writing content. However, I have to make sure that the 11 writers (10 of whom are college students) get their content to me in a timely manner, read/edit content, add a corresponding photo or graphic that sums up the post’s content, and get it scheduled in WordPress. I also spend time with most the writers throughout the week brainstorming post ideas. In other words, I think about blogging A LOT during the work day and I don’t always have the motivation to do my own blogging.

Another reason for the lack of activity: I’ve been knitting up a storm. I was working on a few projects for the holidays and it has been my hobby of choice lately. It’s super relaxing and I’ve watched a lot of tv on DVD and movies. Knitting it quieting down now. What I need to do is find an easy, interesting project that I can work on during my knitting group at work.

Reason #3: I haven’t taken the time to sit down and think about content. Which I need, and more importantly want, to do. I think that throughout the life of my blog I have shared a lot about life and not necessarily and equal amount about the field I work in. I want to include more about student affairs because I’ve taken the time to think about (and formed opinions about) concepts, current events, and anything else I relate to the world of student affairs.

So, after all that, I’m here to tell you I want back on the blogging train. It hasn’t been quite a month since my last post…and I really don’t want to go that long again without putting up a new post.

Thanks for sticking around.


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