Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I had a fantastic time relaxing with the family. Not a whole lot going on here since my brush with fame a couple weeks ago. It would take quite a bit to eclipse that day at the moment. The Fall semester is starting to wind down. I’m rather excited about this because it has been somewhat hectic since the end of August. I’m hoping that next semester won’t be as crazy and that I’ll have more time to do some quality blogging.

Did anyone go shopping on Black Friday? The only shopping I did was on Saturday and a quick Amazon purchase on Thursday evening (Season 5 of Big Bang Theory was so much on sale I couldn’t pass it up). Instead of shopping on Friday, my sister and I went to the theater and saw the final Twilight movie (Breaking Dawn, Part 2). It was a good one! I’m hoping to go see Anna Karenina this coming weekend. Why is it all the movies I want to see are out at the same time? Over the long weekend, I took advantage of the OnDemand feature at my parents’ house and finished watching the first season on The Newsroom. So good!! Also, thanks to Netflix, I’ve finally gotten hooked on Parenthood. Thank goodness for Netflix so that I can finally see shows that I missed while in grad school.

The snow has arrived in Duluth so much so that it won’t be going away until spring. We badly need snow this winter as a huge part of the Duluth economy depends on tourism and the winter weather. Just because we need it doesn’t mean that I like driving in it. Oh well, that’s what I get for living so far north.

One final update: I completely overhauled my “About Me” page. You should check it out!

Hope you’re having a wonderful November. Until next time, stay warm.

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