My Brush With Fame…YHL Style

Last night was awesome! I went to a book signing in the Twin Cities for 2 of my favorite bloggers (Sherry & John from Young House Love)!!!! They recently released a DIY project/design book (aptly named: Young House Love: 243 ways to paint, craft, update and show your home some love) and are currently on their book tour. Before they released the book tour dates, I pledged to myself that if they were coming to the TC, I would make the trip down…even if I had to take vacation time from work. Low and behold, the Twin Cities was a stop on their book tour.

Rewind to yesterday morning…I was super giddy and attempted to get some work done in the morning before making the trip from Duluth to Edina. I think some of my co-workers might have thought I was a little ridiculous because I was so excited to meet a couple of bloggers. Whatever. I LOVE Young House Love and have been reading it for the past year and a half (at least). I love Sherry & John’s style and how much gusto they have when tackling projects (from building a new deck, to editing their book, to the small projects, to raising their daughter Clara). Noon rolled around and I was out the door. I wanted to get to area early because I knew from posts about other book signings – the lines were long.

Twin Cities skyline

I arrived in the area of Edina where the West Elm store was located a little after 3pm. At that point no one was in line yet. I hopped over to the Container Store for a little shopping adventure. It was my first time ever at that store. I found a few fun things – including bicycle paperclips. I got out of the store around 3:30 and a small line had started (mind you, the book signing event started at 6pm). I actually went into the West Elm to do a little shopping there also. My main goal was to find a ceramic animal or two to have them sign along with my book. I found the most adorable owl and turtle. My thinking was – one for my apartment and one for my office. And then, I got in line. I actually wasn’t all that far back into the line.

Line in front of me

Thank goodness for the balmy weather we had yesterday. Otherwise, standing in line could have been miserable. There were some lovely ladies to chat with in line around me. We talked about YHL, how long we’ve been reading it, and about different things recently posted on the blog. We also talked about BowerPower (which is another one of my favorite blogs) as Katie, BP’s author, is BFFs with Sherry. The consensus was that we felt like we really knew John & Sherry from reading their blog and had to remind ourselves they’re just normal people. Oh, if anyone reading is planning to hit up another YHL signing – bring snacks. You’ll thank me later. I had wheat thins and a bag of almonds – life savers!

6pm rolled around and we were allowed into the store. They passed out cookies and hot chocolate. I had a delicious giant gingersnap cookie. I also scored one of the specially made YHL cookies. To be completely honest, the taste was just okay, but the design was adorable.

Adorable YHL cookie with my book

Once I finally got to have my turn I felt kind of awkward. I was trying to get the ceramic animals out of my bag, plus the book, plus talking to them. I totally forgot to introduce myself until Sherry asked if I was Ellen (she read the sticky note in the book). They were excited for signing the turtle since they were so used to signing the ceramic animals on the bottom and I wanted them to sign right on the shell of the turtle.

My signed YHL book & turtle!

Both John & Sherry were super nice and enthusiastic…just as they are on their blog. It was fun to meet them in person and definitely worth the 3 hour wait.

Me with John & Sherry!!

After the book signing, I headed to the northern suburbs of the TC area and stayed with my friend Carissa. As always, it was fantastic to see her. We had Chinese food and watched The Hills on Netflix. Great end to a wonderful day!

Special shoutout to the ladies in line around me. It was fantastic to meet & hangout with you! Check out Becky over at Ramblings from the Burbs and Ethne & Lori (plus their friend Roxanne) from Women on a Mission: Mom Edition. Super sweet!

Now it’s time to get reading my book!


8 thoughts on “My Brush With Fame…YHL Style

  1. Roxanne M says:

    It was so nice to meet you Ellen! I don’t have a blog myself but I love following them so I’ll definitely keep yours on my favorites. I’m in theatrical lighting sales and I sell to the U of M Duluth Theatre Dept…funny! I agree w/ feeling ackward…I think I forgot to introduce myself as well!

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