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The last time I checked in with you fine people, I had just finished sharing all of the photos I took for my 30 day photo challenge. And then I disappeared into no-man’s land. Not really. I’ve just had an incredibly busy first month of the Fall semester. That’s what happens when 2 of our counselors in the office are gone from our normal 5 counselor staff (one was on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation and the other is on medical leave). Now we’re sitting at 4.25 counselors. Yay! I say .25 because we hired a part-time counselor who is going to be in the office about 10-15 hours a week. Plus, our major fall events are behind us at this point (2 career fairs in the span of 2 weeks). I can breathe again for a little while until my presentation schedule picks up at the end of October. Work may be crazy but I am loving it! I have noticed that for the past month I’ve been a bit more conscious of self-care since I have been so busy. Hence, not a lot of blog posts going up. If I got home at a decent time in the evenings, I was opting to work on my knitting and watching West Wing projects. So, I give you my life for the past few weeks via Instagram.

My Mom came to visit during a weekend in September and we did a day roadtrip. We drove the entire North Shore of Lake Superior from Duluth to Grand Portage State Park at the US/Canada border, and back. Long day in the car and it was wonderful! I highly recommend the trip, especially as the leaves are starting to turn color. While on this trip we stopped at Temperance River State Park, Cascade River State Park, Grand Portage State Park, and lunched in Grand Marais at a lovely lake side cafe called The Angry Trout. Delish! On this trip I crossed off 2 major items on my 29 for 29 list: driving the entire North Shore and visiting 5 new State Parks in MN or WI (I had already visited 2 before the trip).

Cascade River State Park

Ordered some schnazy new business cards for my blog featuring my own photographs.

New business cards featuring images from (top to bottom): Columbia River Gorge, OR; Mississippi River at LaCrosse, WI; Rose Garden, Portland, OR; Aerial Lift Bridge, Duluth; and Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

Attended the MN Blogger Conference. It was okay. Nothing earth-shatteringly new for me. I probably won’t go next year. It was fun to meet some other bloggers from the state.

Photography session

Started supervising our Peer Educators. I love this group of students! They are just awesome. I predict good things for them once they graduate from UMD.

Career Services Peer Educators

Went to UWEC Homecoming with my sister. We’re both Alums of UWEC and the Blugold Marching Band. Our real reason for going to the homecoming game is to watch BMB perform. We also visited the brand new Davies Center on campus (student union). Not going to lie…I was a little sad to see the giant area of dirt where the old Davies used to be. So much of my life during college happened at the Davies building.

The new Davies Center at UWEC.

I am LOVING fall this year. It has been gorgeous!

Trees by my apartment building.

Leaf on my car.

I’ve been snowed on. 😦 Last Friday it flurried off and on throughout the day. Not cool. I’m so not ready for snow.

Snow flurries

I got crafty a couple times (besides knitting). I made some cards and spiffed up a new shelving unit that I adopted from my friend Kendra. I still don’t know exactly where I’ll put it or what I’ll put on it, but I’m loving the look. 🙂

cards…I was itching to use some fun new paper I had found.

New shelving unit. Used scrapbook paper I had on hand to decorate the backs of the cubbies.

I got a new computer at work! The second screen is huge!!!

New computer at work. No more blue screen of death! Hopefully…

I hiked the Oberg Mountain Loop in the Superior National Forest. On Sunday, I drove a couple hours up the North Shore to just past Tofte, in the Lutsen area. I’m glad I got there as early as I did (started hiking just before 10) because there weren’t a ton of people on the trail yet. The views were breathtaking even though the leaves were mostly on the ground and past peak. It was a wonderfully crispy fall morning. I’ll be definitely heading back up there to do more hiking in the future.

View of Lake Superior from Oberg Moutain in the Superior National Forest.

I finished watching all 7 seasons of West Wing! In early August I started with season 1 and I just finished the last episode last night. I think I had seen about 99% of episodes before but it was nice to watch them again. WW was (and still is) one of my favorite TV shows. Whatever will I watch now while I’m knitting?

All of West Wing!

There you have it. I’ve been busy! How has your fall been shaping up?


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