30 Day Photo Challenge: Days 24-30

I’m back with the last installment of photos for my 30 day photo challenge.

Day 24: Sunset – I decided to also shoot sunrise this day because one of the items on my 29 For 29 list was to photograph sunrise and sunset on the same day. I took the photographs at the same rock ledge spot on the Lake Superior shore. Facing east looks out on the lake and facing west looks at the city of Duluth. It’s a beautiful spot for sunrise and I thought it could be just as pretty for sunset. I was right. So, you get 2 photos for today!



Day 25: In my office – I totally forgot to grab my camera as I headed out for work for the day today. So, iPhone to the rescue! The photo shows some of my favorite things: Oregon map art, my UWW degree plaque, and a growing collection of stress toys (so far, I have a cow, Possibility Pete (from my UWEC days), a water drop, & an apple (not pictured)).

Self at Work

Day 26: In motion – Lake Superior! I finally tried working in sport mode in hopes of catching waves crisply in mid-crash. I also had fun using the continuous shooting method, which resulted in way too many cool photos. I love the one I chose because it has splash, bubbles, and the top of the photo just keeps you wondering what the full splash really looked like.


Day 27: Something old – the first bookcase my dad built for me. In bookcase form, it’s not very old. However, my dad reused wood from doors that had been on cupboards on our back porch. Sanding, a little poly, and a new form gave the wood a new life.

Book Shelf

Day 28: Low angle – looking up from the bottom of the blinds on my patio door.


Day 29: Natural light – leaves/trees behind my apartment building. The fall color is continuing to increase. Overall, the fall color isn’t that fantastic this year due to dry conditions we’ve had for the past year. I still thinks it’s beautiful though. I love how the sunlight highlights the color, the leaf veins, and shadow of the branch behind the leaf.

Yellow leaves

Day 30: Self portrait 30 days later – for this one, I thought I’d return to the mirror reflection to echo the self portrait I shot on the first day of the challenge. This time, I revealed a bit more of my face. 🙂 It’s not the most in focus picture, however, when is life ever totally in focus?

Last Self-Portrait

Rest of the 30 day photo challenge


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