30 Day Photo Challenge – Days 18-23

Day 18: Pretty Pattern – I love the varying pattern of this placemat. I found it at Pier 1 a while ago. I love that grain of each circle is different from the ones next to it.

Day 19: My Shoes – my fun new flip flops I got on my roadtrip vacation.

Day 20: On the Shelf – Vases on top of one of my bookcases. I’ve had these small vases for a number of years (since my time of working at Pier 1 prior to grad school). I bought them to be grouped together and I don’t think I’ve ever split them up. So here they are, up close and personal.

Day 21: In My Bag – the tote bag I take to work everyday. Just to be up front, I was suppose to take this picture on a Thursday, and I totally forgot. In my defense, I had a very long day at work and my evening involved errands at Target, dinner, and decompressing from the day. I realized Friday morning that I forgot to take a photo. Oops. I ended up doing two photos on Friday. Easy fix. 🙂 Back to my tote bag. I found the bag at Land’s End about a year ago and have used it religiously ever since. I love how sturdy the bag is and how much it can hold. On a normal day for work I have: my planner, iPad (and cords), wallet, coffee tumbler, phone, keys, and reusable shopping bag. This week I was also rocking a bottle of ibprophen because of my cold.

Day 22: Leaves – Fall is coming. Leaves were already starting to turn color and fall. I checked out the wooded area behind my apartment building to find some nice fallen leaves. The bonus – it had rained a bit during the afternoon and some of the leaves were still hanging onto little pools of water. I LOVE water on leaves and flowers – so fun to photograph. For the photo I chose, I love that parts of it are super blurry and other parts are very crisp. I also love that the only colors in the photo are blue, green, and brown.

Day 23: High Angle – Looking directly down at a flower cutout bowl I have on a bookshelf that I got from Ikea.

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