30 Day Photo Challenge: Days 13-17

I meant to post this batch of photos a week ago, and life has been a little crazy. Here’s the rundown for days 13 through 17 of my photography challenge. I returned to photographing outdoors. So refreshing after a string of days of photographing inside.

Day 13: Something Fun – I actually went home sick this day as I was rocking an “awesome” cold. After sleeping the afternoon away, I started to feel human again and needed to get outdoors for a little while. My interpretation of “something fun” was going to hang out in the rose garden down by lake. The roses were looking pretty decent and there were a couple of times I just sat down on the ground and started clicking away. For me, that type of medicine is just as effective as the over-the-counter kind. It was hard to pick my favorite shot for the day.

Day 14: Black & White – I was at a total loss this day as to where to go shoot for the day. I wanted to check out somewhere new. I turned to my Assistant Director as I was leaving work for the day for advice of an interesting place to shoot. She recommended 7 Bridges Road. This adventure led me to the eastern side of Duluth and the Lester Park area of the city. The road itself had a portion closed, as a result of the flood we had back in June. It was fascinating to walk around and see the resulting damage of both the flood and the lack of rain during the summer. Whole trees were just deposited in the middle of a river. Just another reminder that it is going to take a long for the area to recover from all the flood damage. I love the reflection of the trees and the slight ripple in the water.

Day 15: Close-up – These were flowers right outside the building I work in on the UMD campus. I love that the flowers were maroon and gold…our school colors. Such nice planning on the part of the campus. 🙂 I loved the evening light coming from behind the flower petals.

Day 16: From a distance – I love the street my parents live on. The trees have grown so much over the years that they form a canopy over the street during the summer. The same goes for the sidewalk that runs up the street. I love that I was able to get a nice distance shot without someone or something walking into the frame.

Day 17: Someone I love – my parents! On this day my parents were celebrating their 34th wedding anniversary. I thought it was only fitting that they were my subject. I just shot this quick out on our deck before we headed out for dinner.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Check out other photos from my 30 day photography challenge.

Batch 1 of the 30 day photo challenge

Batch 2 of the 30 day photo challenge


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