First Day of School

Today marked the first day of classes for the 2012-2013 academic year. It was so nice to have the student hum back in the office. 99% of our student staff that worked last year is returning for this year. The remaining 1% worked in our office before, but not last year. Talk about an opportunity to take the talent and training our students already have and really amp up the product they are turning out for our office. Our office would not function without our student employees. Today, they did everything from telling us how their summer was, to reviewing student resumes, to helping lost students find where their classes were supposed to be in our building. As much as I cherish the quiet of the summer for working on projects and thinking big about the future, I absolutely love when all our student employees are back and the office is working in full swing. The day flew by today. My calendar for the week went from 30% full to almost completely full by the end of the day. So many students stopping in to make appointments. Yay! I will admit that I blocked off some time for myself later in the week…but I’ve got projects I need to get work done on.

Today also marked the start of my second academic year at UMD. I feel like I’ve been here so much longer than that! I’m excited for the year ahead. Those awesome students I was talking about before…yeah, I get to supervise a number of them! I’m looking forward this so much. I’m excited to work with them individually and as a group. I think we’re going to do some awesome stuff for our office this year.

Between supervising the students and all the work I do with social media for our office, and with other entities across campus, I’m putting my Bachelor’s degree into full use. While I was at UW-Eau Claire as an undergrad, I majored in Organizational Communication (how people in an organization communicate with each other) and minored in Management. How could I have ever predicted this combination of undergraduate and graduate (counseling with higher education) education being so equally important for my profession? During graduate school, I always felt as a little bit of an oddball because of my business-esque background while the majority of my classmates were from the sociology/psychology/social work background. I guess I’m just lucky to have put in all the work for those degrees and then to have found the perfect position that uses all of that knowledge. Yay!

As I look ahead at this year, using all the knowledge I’ve gained through formal and informal education, all I can think about, in the words of Jed Barlett, “What’s next?”


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