30 Day Photo Challenge: Days 6-12

The past couple of days have been interesting with the photo challenge. Most of the items were indoors. What I’ve discovered is that I would much rather photograph outdoors. Maybe it has something to do with natural light and natural elements. Who knows.

Day 6: Favorite Color – Purple! (Teal and pink rank right up there too)

Day 7: Something New – some glasses I found on clearance at Pier 1 recently. I’ve been waiting for them to go on clearance & they finally did! They remind me a lot of the glassware used in the movie Julie & Julia.

Day 8: Food – my yummy apple crisp at Clyde Iron. I took this photo with my phone, so the quality is a little different.

Day 9: Anything I Want – a gate at Split Rock Lighthouse, up the North Shore.

Day 10: What I’m Reading – These are some of my favorite books of all time.

Day 11: Faceless Self-Portrait – I’ve been watching a lot of West Wing lately. 10 points if you can name the episode I’m watching!

Day 12: Something I Made – This is from the scrapbook of my summer out West. Still a work in progress.


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