30 Day Photo Challenge: Days 1-5

On Friday after work, I started my 30 photo challenge. For me, photography is a side hobby and I want to continually work on cultivating my skills. I’m using the 30 days to challenge myself to shoot with new techniques, get to know my new camera better, and explore Duluth and the surrounding geographic areas to find new places to shoot different items.

Day 1: Self-Portrait

I started off by doing a traditional self-portrait. I finally learned how to use the self-timer. I learned during the process of taking my own photo, how much I would love to have a remote control for when using the self-timer. I was having some major issues with focus because I would have to be closer to the camera to initiate the timer (and consequently the focus) than I wanted to be in the photo. So, after multiple attempts of not being happy with the photo, I decided to go a different route.

It’s still a self-portrait, just not a traditional one. I really like it because it shows who I really am…the person behind the camera.

Day 2: Clouds

To be honest, for day 2 I had planned sunrise. I got myself up around 5 am for a 6:10am sunrise. I first went to my favorite rose garden along the lakefront facing the south and east. In the year I have lived in Duluth, I had always thought it would be a beautiful place at sunrise. It was okay. A part of the lackluster effect was the massive amount of clouds blocking the sun while it was rising. There was still some color, but it was just okay. After shooting at the rose garden, I got the bright idea to check out the view from some rock ledges about 2 miles down the shore from the garden. Bingo, I had found my now favorite sunrise watching spot. While I was at the rock ledges, I decided to change my focus for the day to clouds. I knew it was scheduled for later in the challenge, so I just moved some things around. You can do that when it’s your own challenge. 😉

Day 3: Sunrise

On Sunday, I decided to try shooting at sunrise once more. It was about 50* and signficantly less cloudy. I went out to the rock ledges and had a wonderful view of the morning eastern sky. The fun part about living in a port city, there was a ship coming into the harbor while I was waiting for the sun to rise. I thought the colors were beautiful and the shot I finally chose for the day (from about 60 that I took) was actually taken about 5 minutes before sunrise.

Day 4: What I Wore

I dressed up a little for work on Monday. For most of the summer, I’ve been keeping it pretty casual for work attire. However, I had a presentation and wanted to look a little nicer. For this shot, I set it up next to my patio door so that I could take advantage of the natural light coming in from the courtyard area of the apartment complex. I chose to showcase: a new pink cardigan (I love the cuffed sleeves), the jewelry I wore for the day, and my TOMS (which are the most comfortable shoes I have purchased in recent memory).

Day 5: Trees

I was going to check out a new park after work last night. Then I got home (after work and after grocery shopping) and realized that I didn’t want to leave home. Enter all of the trees that surround the apartment building that I live in. Perfect specimens for today’s photo shoot. For the photo I chose, I rested the camera on the tree trunk I pointed it towards the top of the tree. It’s a fun perspective of a tree that I’m guessing not too many people see.

Honorable Mentions

I had a second favorite photo for just about every single day so far. Here they are.

Clouds – Day 2

Sunrise – Day 3

What I wore – Day 4

Trees – Day 5

So, what do you think of the results of the first few results of my photo challenge. Personally, I like where this challenge is headed. 🙂


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