Update on my 29 List

I’ve been working on my 29 for 29 list for about 4 months now. I’m happy to say that I’m steadily crossing items off. The listmaker in me is super excited about this project. I thought I’d give you a full update on my progress with some commentary. You can check in with my progress at any time by checking out the 29 for 29 page. While I’ve crossed several items off of the list, I’ve also realized that I want to change a few of the items. It’s my list, so my rules…I can change an item if I want to. 🙂

1. Complete a 30 day photography challenge. I’m starting it this weekend. In fact, I took my first photo yesterday! My plan is to share the photos once a week throughout the month. I had a few 30 day photo challenges pinned on my photography board on Pinterest, so I used those as a place to start. I actually ended up meshing 2 of them together to create my own list. I’ll share the whole list towards the end.

2. Visit Voyageurs National Park in Northern MN. DONE! I made a visit to the park with my sister at the beginning of July when she was up from Milwaukee for her own mini summer vacation. You can see some pictures here.

Voyageurs National Park

3. Finish scrapbooking my summer out West from 2010. Haven’t even started this. I’ve been thinking about it and getting the itch to do some scrapbooking lately. However, I have some other time sensitive projects that need to get done first. I was planning on going full force on the project once Christmas had passed.

4. Complete a fitness challenge. Yeah, I should really get on this one.

5. Make more Duluth friends. Working on this one. This summer I’ve been able to get to know some more people that work at UMD and hope that those relationships will start to blossom into friendships.

6. Visit 5 new State Parks in either Minnesota or Wisconsin. I’ve technically visited one park so far – Tettagouche State Park. However, I’ve been this park twice and hiked two completely different trails. Would that count as 2 parks? Probably not. I had planned to do a hike down by WI Dells during my road trip, but it was ridiculously hot…like 100*. So I did a winery tour instead. 🙂 I’m planning on doing a hike at a new park this weekend. Excited!

7. Read 5 professional development related books. 4 books are currently in progress and there are several others waiting in the wings to be read. Topics of the current 4 include: women in higher education, social media in education, reinnovating how universities function, and internships. It will be interesting to see which books actually get finished.

8. Climb Eagle Mountain in MN. Yeah, I’ve decided to completely change this one. It was kind of a filler item anyway. I’m now changing this item to: find 10 new blogs to follow…and actually follow them for at least 3 months. I have an issue of finding new blogs, putting them into my Google Reader, and then never reading them. Most days, I find it that it’s easier to just catch up on my regular daily blogs rather than diving into a new one. I actually just did some cleaning out of my Google Reader and got rid of 3 or 4 blogs that I had subscribed to, and never read. I’m excited to use this exercise to not only find some new blogs to follow, but to branch out in the topic areas that I’m reading about. If you have any recommendations, put them in the comments!

9. Drive the entire North Shore – Duluth to Canada. Not yet. I’ve been a little busy this summer. I did make it about half way up the shore when I went to Tettagouche State Park.

10. Try a new food or drink each month. This one I’ve done really well on. In May I had sushi for the first time and tried the California Roll. Well, technically it was at the end of April, but I decided that end of April (right after I started this list) could be rolled into May. In June, I had duck breast at a French bistro in Berkely, CA. In July, I tried garlic ginger sauce with my stir fry and also tried several new wines while on a winery tour.

11. Save up for and buy a DSLR camera. DONE! I bought my beautiful Canon Rebel when I found it super on sale at Target. It was love at first click! 🙂 Post about the purchase here.

12. Crochet a blanket. DONE! I’ve been knitting for a couple years and I wanted to tackle crocheting. I crocheted a baby blanket for my cousin who was having her second baby this summer. She was so excited that her second little girl would have something new and all her own. Post here.

13. Send more snail mail cards to friends and family. I’ve sent out a few birthday and thank you cards. However, when I thought of this item, my intention was to send cards for absolutely no reason other than to say hello. Need to work on this!

14. Make at least 1 recipe a month found through Pinterest. Keeping right on track with this one. In May I was an over achiever an made 4 recipes: sweet corn & quinoa with honey lemon vinaigrette, fruit dip, skillet lasagna, and panko crusted chicken stuffed with a ricotta mixture. In June, I made chewy granola bars and peanut butter dip. In July, I made strawberry lemonade bites. All of the things I’ve made so far have been fantastic. I’ve made the peanut butter dip, skillet lasagna, chewy granola bars, and stuffed chicken all more than once. Delish! My favorite resource for recipes: Iowa Girl Eats. I dare you to browse Kristen’s website and not make something.

15. Make at least 1 craft a month found through Pinterest. Yep, doing well on this one too. 🙂 In May I did a fun jar filled with rocks from the North Shore for my sister as a birthday present. In June I did a framed quote with a fun background based on a chevron painting for my office. Of course the quote is from The Beatles, which is awesome. In July, I made over my desk by transforming the boring black top with colored craft tape. I haven’t really used my desk since the makeover, but it does make me smile every time I walk into my office/craft room.

16. Take a road trip. DONE! This was my two week vacation in July. Here was my path: Duluth – Menomonie – Wisconsin Dells – Madison – Milwaukee – Whitewater – Madison – Menomonie – Twin Cities, MN – Duluth. It was so relaxing and awesome!

17. See the Northern Lights. I have to so some planning and research to make this one happen. Why, you may ask. Well, the Northern Lights usually happen around 1am in the Duluth area. Then, I find out about it the next morning on the newspapers website.

18. Get my MN driver’s license. Not yet. I had been planning on doing this during the month of August. Yeah, I don’t know if that’s going to happen. My goal is by the November election.

19. Make a blog editorial schedule I can stick with it. Not yet.

20. Visit a zoo. Editing this one to be: Visit a zoo, museum, or aquarium. So, I get to call this one DONE! I visited the Milwaukee Art Museum during my vacation last month.

Milwaukee Art Museum

21. Photograph sunrise and sunset on the same day. Not yet.

22. Figure out my next career goal. Just trying to make it through the summer and my online MBTI (a personality assessment) certification class. Haven’t thought too much about the long range future.

23. See the Golden Gate Bridge during my trip to California. DONE! While I was in California, I spent probably 95% of my time in Berkeley and was only in San Francisco during the cab ride to and from the airport. I did see the lovely Golden Gate Bridge while we were crossing the Bay Bridge and after we took off from the San Francisco airport.

24. Stick my hand or feet in Lake Superior during every season. Spring and Summer are done! The temperature is starting to get to that awesome range right now. It’s still a little chilly but not icebergish. I can’t wait until September…the temp is awesome during September.

25. Attend at least 2 UMD Hockey games – one women’s and one men’s. Hockey season starts in October.

26. Invest more in my retirement fund. Haven’t done anything for this yet.

27. Watch all of the Harry Potter movies back to back. I plan to do this during the winter, while I’m scrapbooking or knitting.

28. Kick my soda habit for good. Not doing well on this one at all.

29. Be swept off my feet. No prospects yet. 😦

Sorry about the super long post, but I wanted to give you a full update as to my progress on my 29 list. I’m looking forward to continually working on this as I get closer to my – gulp – 30th birthday. Ugh…I really don’t want to think about that right now.

So what do you think of my list and my progress? Any goals set for yourself? How are you doing on them?


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