Desk Makeover

I don’t post for over 2 weeks and all of a sudden I’m posting 2 days in a row. Crazy, right?

Two of my favorite, must-read-everyday, blogs (Young House Love & Bower Power) are hosting (along with 2 other blogs) this week an unofficial Pinterest Summer Challenge. The whole idea behind the challenge is to stop pinning projects, and start doing them. I started a project the night before the challenge was announced, so I thought I could play along.

My office/craft room is probably the most ignored room in my apartment. I go in there often to put stuff away, but I don’t really hang out in there. It’s a giant storage room. I recently had some water issues in this room from the flood we had in Duluth. Since everything in the room was out of whack, I thought it would be a great opportunity to change things up a bit. When I put the room back together, I did so with the intention that I would actually spend some time in there to do my crafting and whatever else strikes my fancy. Enter, my desk. I’ve had it for about 7 years and I logged many hours at it during grad school. However, I haven’t really used it over the past two years as a desk, it became a holder of stuff. I’m not a huge fan of it anymore as I find it confining. I’d rather have a desk with one continuous flat surface, instead of two. I have my computer in my living room on the coffee table because there’s more space and the wireless signal is stronger. Anyway, I saw this awesome desk makeover on Elise’s blog. She covered it with colored tape to add some pizzazz. After seeing her desk, I pinned it to my craft board and mulled over the thought of making over my desk. It’s a $30-$40 desk I got at Office Depot many years ago…I wouldn’t have been heart broken if the project went badly and I had to replace it. I thought making over the desk would give it some life and maybe I’d keep it more well organized with some of my crafting/scrapbooking supplies (I do actual scrapbooking at a different table in the room).

Without further ado, here’s my desk makeover! I mostly used crafting tape that I found at Michaels on clearance along with some tape I picked up at Target.

Here’s my first attempt, and also the best shot of the original desk. I had picked out an order for the tape that I was going to follow. It was at the point that I decided to take most of it off and start again. The crafting tape was thinner than I would have liked and was getting swallowed by the black underneath it. The second time around I either put the tape down twice (one on top of the other) or on top of one of the solid colors. I also decided to throw the tape order to the wind. I created an “order” as I worked on the desk.

A couple of my favorite tapes. I can’t wait to use the leftovers for cards and scrapbooking.

One of my favorite tape combos. The plaid is double layered while the argyle and flower prints are on top of white.

The big part of the desk is done.

Completed desk! It’s a little wild, and I like it. I used packaging tape to secure the ends underneath the desk. I may end up doing something to protect the tape on the top also. It really depends on how much I actually use the desk now. Overall, I worked on this project over 3 days. Now that I have my desk done, my desk chair might need a new layer of paint…

Well, that’s some of my recent DIY craftiness. Have you made over anything recently?



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