Voyageurs Preview

This past Saturday I crossed off another item from my 29 for 29 list! My sister was visiting for a long holiday weekend and we ventured up to Voyageurs National Park near the Canadian border. The park is about a 3 hour drive northwest of Duluth. We drove through the woods most of the time and it was a beautiful day! One of the main things to do at this park is hang out on the water. If you’re not on a boat, you can’t see much of the park. Since we were just going to the park for the day, we checked out one of the Visitor Centers (got another cancellation for my NPS Passport!), had lunch next to one of the lakes, and went for a hike. The ranger warned us that our hike would have a narrow path and it would be laden with roots, rocks, ticks, and black flies. We set out on our adventure covered in sunscreen and what me dad would lovingly call skeeter dope (aka bug spray). I swear there was this one fly hanging around my head during the entire hike. No ticks though! It was one of the tougher hikes I’ve completed. It was about 2.7 miles, which really isn’t that far. However, it was tough because of the tricky footing throughout the hike. We were hoping for a moose sighting, but no such luck. We did have a pheasant scare the crap out of us as it flew away as we walked by where it was hiding. We look forward to returning to the park in the future. Maybe we’ll hang out on the water next time.

Here’s a little preview of what we saw at the park. I still haven’t uploaded the photos from my camera to my computer. However, I did capture some of the moments on my camera phone. I sent out photos via Instagram as we explored the park because as unbelievable as it was, I had amazing reception in the park. 🙂

Packed and ready to go for the day. Loving my new day pack I recently picked up at the Eddie Bauer outlet (the teal bag).

Had to stop and take pictures with the official park sign!

Lunch next to Kabetogama Lake.

Julie and I during a quick break on our hike.

Our hiking destination…a small bay that was completely deserted. It was at this point that we thought if we were watching a National Geographic special about the park, that a moose would go by.

I’ll be posting more photos and information about the park soon. Julie and I both remarked how much we liked the lack of people. We could enjoy the park in peace and at our own pace. If you’ve ever been to Yellowstone, or any of the other big, popular National Parks, Voyageurs is basically the complete opposite when it comes to crowds. At least that was our experience. Another bonus, entry to the park was free! I think the reason is because there are way too many entry points into the park to really regulate entry fees. We did our part though and spent some money at the Visitor’s Center.


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