The Awesome Power of Nature

The last 2 days in Duluth have been wet ones. Wet, as in, we’ve gotten around 10 inches of rain in the city. I’ve never been so happy to live near the top of the hill that Duluth is built on. I had some water come into my spare bedroom, but it was nothing compared to what a lot of people have had to deal with. Plus, I’ve had some water issues over the past year, so I was prepared to deal with it. None of my stuff was damaged. My property manager was super responsive with getting everything cleaned up.

For stories and pictures from around the city of Duluth, I recommend checking out the Duluth News Tribune (our newspaper). I was glued to the live storm blog last night instead of going to sleep at a decent time. Around 5:30 this morning, I got a text through UMD’s emergency texting system saying that campus was closed for the day. I can’t say that I’ve ever had a rain day. My day was pretty low-key. I watched a movie, did some knitting, and eventually ventured out on foot to take in some of the neighborhood damage. The rain pretty much stopped around lunch time. During the middle of the afternoon, I headed out with my camera. I had wanted to check out a sink hole  that wasn’t too far from my apartment building. After checking out the sink hole, I checked in with Kendra to see if she’d like a spontaneous visitor. I was halfway to her house anyway, so I just continued walking. It was nice to check-in with her and visit for a bit. We had to get in our quality Wednesday time since we didn’t get to have lunch at work today. 🙂

Here are my photos from today. They aren’t as incredible as some of others I’ve seen today, and I still wanted to share. I have a feeling it’s going to take a while to figure out the true extent of the damage from the flood. It’s going to take the city some time to recover and get our roadways back in shape.

The intense fog on Tuesday afternoon before the storms really intensified.

The mini river that formed on the driveway behind my apartment building.

Water in my spare bedroom. Nothing was damaged!

Water rolling down the entry/exit of the apt parking lot.

Debris at the bottom of the little hill I live on.

People checking out the sink hole on Skyline Parkway.

Sink hole on Skyline Parkway. Thankfully the driver of the car made it out.

Loved these clouds above a church on my way to Kendra’s. They signaled some repreave from the rain.

Some small road damage. It just looks big because of the angle of the camera. I like capturing things up close.

This was my first time in a flood situation. The whole experience is just a fantastic reminder that nature wins. No matter how we try to bend nature to our will, she wins. Here’s to an extend period of dry weather. Happy Summer Solstice!


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