Berkeley Trip From the Phone

Last week I had the distinct privilege of attending the Global Internship Conference in Berkeley, CA, for work. The conference was two days immersed in the world of international internships. My immediate take away: I have so much to learn in this area of internships. This trip marked my first time visiting California. Yay! I’ve now been to 20 states in the US. I won’t be diving into the conference too much in this post. I just wanted to share photos I took with my phone. There were a lot of photos…but I just picked the highlights. I also had an evening just to stroll around the UC-Berkeley campus and take pictures. So those posts will be coming in the next few days.

Traveling to CA: (Clockwise) layover in Minneapolis, Missouri River in South Dakota, fields in Wyoming??, clouds

I was absolutely fascinated by the circle fields all of the west. It took me a little bit to realize that the fields were circular because of irrigation capabilities.

Sierra Nevada Mountains in California

Yosemite National Park!!

Do you see Half Dome? I got really excited that I was able to distinctly see the park from the plane. I may or may not have told the park, that I’d be back. 😉

Site of the conference opening reception

Laura and I at the opening reception

Laura and I were reunited after a year of being apart! It was great to catch up about life and “talk shop” about career services and internships.

Food of CA: (clockwise) duck at a French bistro, iced coffee on the Berkeley campus, breakfast at Caffe Strada

Laura rocking her presentation on using Twitter in relation to helping students find internships

Courtyard on the Berkeley campus near our conference center

Birds of Paradise – beautiful flowers found all over near the conference center

Palm tree

Me at Sather Gate at UC – Berkeley

Packed to go home – spent all of Friday traveling

Bay Bridge crossing into San Francisco

Our trip to the airport was the closest I got to the Golden Gate Bridge (the curse of not actually staying in San Francisco). As we were crossing the bridge, I could see the Golden Gate! The bridge was beautifully surrounded by fog so I just watched it as we were crossing the Bay Bridge.

Stay tuned for more from my trip to Berkeley!


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