Photo Friday: Tettegouche State Park

A few weekends ago I went hiking at Tettegouche State Park up the North Shore from Duluth. I did a little reflecting from a top a cliff and posted it on the same day. You can read it here. I had a wonderful time hiking Shovel Point and I cannot wait to return to do more hiking and exploring of the park. According to the Minnesota DNR’s website for the park, the terrain in Tettegouche SP is semi-mountainous. I believe it! The area was formed by lava flows and glaciers and continually is shaped by erosion. The park’s website mentions that the whole North Shore was formed by basaltic lava flows and Tettegouche’s coastal highlights of Palisade Head and Shovel Point are made of “rhyolite, a light-colored volcanic rock that contrasts with the more common, dark basalt along the rest of the shore.” If you want to read more about the geological coolness of Minnesota, check out the US Geological Survey’s website. I saw an array of wildlife at the park including: 2 hummingbirds, a loon, a pair of toddler squirrels (not babies, but not full grown), a blue jay, and lots of butterflies. Ok, now for the pictures. These were taken with my Nikon point and shoot.

Signage welcoming me to the park.

Beach that I hiked down to before hiking the majority of Shovel Point.

Some wave spray on the beach.

View of Shovel Point – where my hike was going to take place.

View from up high of the beach I was on.

Coast line – the major rock outcropping on the top of the photo is Palisade Head.

Coast line view from the other side of Shovel Point

Pretty brown & white butterfly

Monarch butterfly


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