Holiday Weekend

Happy a couple days past Memorial Day! I had a lovely long weekend at home with my family that was filled with fun activities. A huge cause for celebration was my sister’s birthday! She turned 26 on the 26th. That’s right, it was her GOLDEN birthday.

Julie at 26!

We spent the day shopping in Woodbury (a suburb of the Twin Cities). The shopping part was fun. The downpour rain and thunderstorms…were not. Oh well, it was another memorable birthday for Julie. Remember last year? We were frolicking around in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Here are some other fun shots of Julie – taken with my brand new Canon Rebel T2i. ūüôā

Having some fun.

A nice shot. ūüôā

Part of Julie’s birthday present helped me to complete¬†an item from my 29 for 29 list. I completed a¬†crafting idea that I found through Pinterest.¬†During my¬†couple of hikes in May, I¬†also spent some quality time on beaches finding rocks. Why?¬†Because this area of Minnesota was greatly impacted by volcanic activity and that activity leaves behind some really cool rocks.¬†I decided to showcase some of the rocks I found in a corked clear¬†glass container. Here’s the inspiration from¬†pinterest: click here. I went to Michael’s in search of a container and I found the cutest one for a whopping 99 cents.

Rocks of the North Shore in a corked bottle.

Side shot

Labeled the cork so she’d remember where the rocks came from.

We had some other fun during the weekend. On¬†Sunday, we had a family cookout/baby shower for a cousin of mine who is due in June.¬†Part of my gift was a knitted baby blanket that I made using the pattern our grandmother used for making¬†baby blankets. My mom still has the one she received for when I was born! Anyway, the blanket was a huge hit and I think everyone was truely touched. It was a way for our grandmother to be a part of the celebration even though she’s no longer with us physically. Here’s a preview of the blanket. I plan to do a¬†separate¬†post about¬†the blanket with the pattern.

First knitted blanket!

How was your Memorial Day weekend? Did you kick off summer in style?


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