Inspired by Nature

Where do you find inspiration?

Is it a painting or another work of art? A city skyline? A quote? A person? Nature?

While sitting on a cliff a couple hundred meters (totally guessing, but it’s quite high) above the Lake Superior shoreline, I have found inspiration. I spent my Saturday morning at Tettagouche State Park hiking on Shovel Point. I cannot get over the sunshine, the blueness of the water, the green of the forest, the sound of the waves, the clearness of the water at the shoreline, the haziness of the sky (think of when you draw a line with chalk and the smudge it with your finger), and the general beauty of nature.

In the distance, I can hear rock climbers enjoying their thrills. There is a gentle breeze that picks up every once and awhile. I can hear the soft sway of the trees behind me. Again, the waves. Such a beautiful sound. I’m inspired. I’m not necessarily inspired to do something. I’m more inspired to stop. Take it all in, and not necessarily through the lens of my camera. Just with my own eyes and ears.

So there you go. Just some thoughts, from atop a cliff.


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