Kicking Off Summer

While technically it isn’t summer for another month, it’s summer in the land of higher education. UMD had finals last week and this week has been SUPER quiet so far. The weather in Duluth has finally warmed up and it has been blissfully sunny for the past several days. I got my first decent hike in this past Saturday (post with photos to come soon!). I just thought I’d share the rest of what I’ve been up to the past week or so. The photos are all from my iPhone and I’m so happy that I went with the new iPhone 4S when I upgraded in March. Having a decent camera on my phone is fantastic since I usually have that on hand rather than my regular camera. Also, all the photos with fun borders are from the Instagram app on my phone. Love that app!

Found sandals for a wedding I’m in this summer. Yay for DSW!

Finished a 1000 piece puzzle I bought last summer when I visited Split Rock Lighthouse on the North Shore. Put this together to give my hands knitting breaks.

Finished knitting my first blanket. Since it’s a gift, I’ll hold off on the details of the pattern and occasion for the time being.

Saw wildlife from my bedroom window. The crazy thing is that I live in the middle of Duluth…where there also happens to be a wooded area.

Stuck my hand in Lake Superior…to do so during each season is on my 29 for 29 list. Spring, check!

Spent a couple hours on the beach, listening to the waves, and searching for pretty rocks.

My rock haul. I found a lot of small agates (beautiful multi-colored layered rocks), some sea glass, and other pretty rocks. These will look fantastic in some small vases that I have in my apartment.



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