Photo Friday: Churchill Downs #ACPA12

I already shared with you pictures of downtown Louisville from my recent trip to #ACPA12. On Sunday afternoon before the conference was in full swing, Steph and I ventured over to Churchill Downs. Churchill Downs is the racetrack for the Kentucky Derby horse race. There’s a museum about the Kentucky Derby and will admission to the museum, there is a short walking tour of the Churchill Downs grounds. This outing was fun. Without further ado, here are my pictures from Churchill Downs.

The entry gates for Churchill Downs

Statue of Barbaro outside the entry gates


Inside the museum

We watched a great film to introduce us to horse racing and the Kentucky Derby. The screen was in the oval shape of the race track.

Another shot inside the museum

The stands

The track

The winner’s circle in the middle of the track.

Retired race horse that is temporarily living on the property.

Proof that Spring was in full swing at the end of March

Churchill Downs finish!

Applies to so much more than just horse racing.


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