10 Months On The Job

It’s been 10 months since I started working in Career Services at UMD. Seriously, 10 months?! I cannot believe how time has flown by. I’ve spent that 10 months acclimating to UMD, Duluth, and Minnesota. I have absolutely fallen in love with the campus and the new city that I call home. I hope that I don’t leave here for a long time to come. At this point last year, I had found a place to live and I was working my butt off to finish the required contact hours for my internship. I may have had a job offer, but I still had to graduate.

I’ve talked about my roles in the office before. Since my position in the office was brand new…it was largely undefined (though there were rough ideas) with exception of being a counselor. I fell into the roles of working with technology and international internships. I’ve loved both of those areas so far and want to immerse myself into them more as my time at UMD continues. With technology I’ve increased my overall comfort level with tech and now I want to learn some new programs. Our social media efforts are really starting to take off. Probably one of our most exciting additions this year has been the use of Pinterest. Yes! I’m running a Pinterest page for our office. You should check it out here! I love it especially for showing students how to dress for interviews, job fairs, and on the job or internship. I have also had the opportunity to add or flesh out a couple content areas on our website: current trends and social media. I have some new website content projects in the works that I’m really excited about. I will definitely share when they’re live! My interest in international internships has led to attending the Global Internship Conference at UC Berkeley in June. I’m super excited to spend two days learning even more about international internships from educators from around the world. Getting to see Laura during that conference will just be icing on the cake. A few other roles that have started to creep into my position include assessment and marketing. These two items are still fairly new and I’m curious to see how they really pan out.

I spend the majority of my day working with students either individually or in groups. I love my time working with students! They are all so interesting and I love helping them realize what it is that they want to do with their college education. I’ve had more students this semester that are repeats and I love being able to follow up with how their searches and other issues are progressing.

Making friends in Duluth has been a bit of a tougher challenge than I thought it would be. Enter Kendra. 🙂 She has been a solid lunch buddy and a fellow new professional. We work in completely different areas of the University (she in the Med School and me in Student Life) and we have be able to use our time together to debrief about different issues we are facing in our respective work environments. Beyond lunch buddy and fellow new pro, we’re friends (and technically family). We’re friends who can spend a Saturday running errands around town, crafting, blogging (she just started blogging and I recommend you check out her blog!), or just visiting. While I was at ACPA a few weeks ago, I finally voiced out loud to my friend Steph that if I didn’t have this connection with Kendra, I don’t think I’d be as happy as I am now. I don’t know if I would love Duluth as much as I do if I didn’t have this solid friendship. So, thanks Kendra! I think that professional and personal realms really do impact each other greatly and I’m glad that they are both so positive right now. I will say, it wouldn’t suck to find a few more solid friends that could join in on our weekend frivality.

Ultimately, things are going well. The last 10 months have been a blast and I’m excited to find out what the future months at UMD and in Duluth have in store for me.


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