My Voice at the Table

Two weeks later, and my mind is still reeling from my time in Kentucky at the ACPA National Convention. One of the outstanding sessions I attended was Social Media as a Tool for Empowering Women by Ciji on Monday afternoon. The resounding thought I had after that session was:

I have a voice and I trust it.

As I attended the rest of the convention (and since coming home), questions started to surface.

What is my voice saying?

How is my voice saying it?

Where is my voice saying it?

I started to see where I could find a “home” in the ACPA organization. The Standing Committee for Women, the Commission for Career Development, and working with social media are all possibilities. While at the convention, I signed up for a few things to try them out. I encourage students to do this all the time so they can start figuring out what they want to do with their major. The same principle applies to me. I need to figure out what fits best with me.

Amazingly enough, all of my questions from ACPA, have been coming back again while I’m reading my current “fun” book. I’m reading Matched by Ally Condie. It’s a Young Adult novel about a distopian/totalitarian society along the similar vein of The Hunger Games or Divergent. In the novel, people are told what & where to eat, what jobs they’ll have, who they are matched with and will marry, how many children they’ll have, and when they’ll die. In all of this lack of control, lack of voice, the main character is starting to find her voice. In tiny whispers, she starts to question everything she’s known. Now, I’m not questioning everything I’ve ever known. Reading the novel has just reinforced for me that I am privileged to not only have a voice, but to also be able to use that voice to say something worthwhile.

So, that’s what I’m mulling around in my head these days. I want my voice to be at the table. The question is, which table?

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