ACPA 12 Kentucky Preview

Last night I arrived back in Minnesota after a wonderful few days of learning at the ACPA National Convention, held in Louisville, Kentucky. I need a little time to reflect on my experience and to review my notes before I do any extensive blogging about the convention. However, I just wanted to share just a preview of some of the cool things that happened while I was experiencing my first trip to Kentucky. All photos were taken with my iPhone, so I apologize in advance if there’s any blurriness or graininess.

View of the Ohio River from our hotel room.

I was reunited with this fantastic lady! Steph and I had fun sharing our learning and taking in all that we could in Louisville.

We explored downtown Louisville.

Spring was everywhere! Louisville is known for its pollen. Even I was feeling the itch in my eyes and I don't have pollen allergies.

I got to listen to George Kuh. He has widely published research on the effects and importance of high-impact experiences (such as internships or involvement).

Visited Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby.

Drank a Mint Julep - a very popular Bourbon-based drink in Kentucky that is tied to the KY Derby.



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